Are we legalizing cannabis or commercializing THC?

One of the members of the African Heritage Foundation (AHF) shared this with me. I found it to be aligned with many of my concerns as it relates to how the legalization of cannabis is going to be implemented, who is going to benefit from it and who will suffer.

While I am not agreeing with everything being presented in this Ted Talk, I do agree that the industry of cannabis if not checked will become another stumbling block in the empowerment of marginalized and economically underprivileged people. I am also of the opinion that cannabis legalization can be used as one form of reparations for African descended people if done right. It can also be used to usher in another wave of neocolonialism if we are not mindful of the regulations that are created for the legalization of cannabis.

Civil society comprising of the Rastafari community and cannabis activist must have a say in the regulations that will govern legal cannabis in Barbados. I suggest that all interested parties sit at the table and draft a letter to the Attorney General and the Prime Minister stating this position. Ideally I think that a collective representation from the Rastafari community should take the lead in facilitating the meeting to draft such a letter. This letter would invite all interested organizations and groupings to be signatories on it. The civil society representation for cannabis regulations should come from the advocates for cannabis legalization collective that facilitated the formulation of the above mentioned letter.

Those of you who have read this article, viewed the presentation and agree that it is vital for cannabis civil society to have a voice in the regulation of legal cannabis, please contact the African Heritage Foundation at  or whatsapp 268 7084 or call the Inquiries Officer (IO) at 262 0068.

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Please view and let us know what is your opinion of “Cannabis Commercialization”.

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