Arm Yourselves With Organization Barbados!

I am not advising you to arm now with the gun or sword, I am asking you to arm through organization; arm through preparedness. You do not want to have guns, bombs and knives at this time; you have no immediate use for them.

I am saying to the people of Barbados get armed with grass roots and community organization; get armed by coming together 100,ooo strong. That is your weapon. Your enemy’s weapon until now has been political trickery and unjust law with a police force to ensure mass compliance to human rights violations and the retention of the poorer class (slave/servant class).


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You are a people most favourably situated today for getting what you want through organization. Why? Because the masses of Barbadians suffer silently in poverty while being fully employed, and are victimized through political corruption, weak leadership that has no working model to address poverty alleviation and an education system that is failing the majority of our youth. Those are some of the commonalities that make us most favourable for the organization of the masses to advance a working model of a more just Barbados for all to live in.


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Political parties such as the Barbados Labour Party and the Democratic Labour Party have never been interested in poverty alleviation or ensuring the human rights of the citizens of Barbados are not violated. Due to their money lust and limited vision, not even free education was structured in such a way that it would liberate the masses. It is based on this reality that I am saying it is high time for an organization that is founded on the cultural, economic and educational liberation of its people. The masses have a common cause (poverty alleviation) and that is why I am saying to you, organization is your best armament at this time.


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A time will come when we have to take up the gun and bomb because it appears some people cannot hear a human voice unless something is exploding nearby. Some people sleep too soundly, when it comes to a question of human rights, and you have to touch them with something more than our ordinary human voice.

I am calling on everyone reading this article to join the African Heritage Foundation so that we the people of Barbados can form an organization that will have the political power on the ground to influence what is done in parliament. To do this we must amass the people in one accord.


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Barbados has a population of 300,000. Could you imagine what would happen if just 5000 of these people were to join the African Heritage Foundation and paid a monthly contribution of $20 to their own liberation? What would happen is the organization would have a monthly income of $100,000.00. Can you then imagine the businesses that could be established, owned and operated by members of the African Heritage Foundation as a collective? Would your capitalist education permit you to advance and assist in such a cause ( holistic empowerment of all in our society)?  In essence what I am saying is that a yearly contribution of $180.00 would make you a business owner as each member would have shares in all collectively developed businesses of the organization. With an income of $100,000.00 a month can you image the business assistance that could be given to members with businesses that are cash strapped and are in need of some financial injections. Imagine the returns you would get in being share holders and part owners in multiple businesses. Many of us spend 10 times $15 every month to play the lottery with a hope of winning a large sum of money. Why not change hope to something more substantial and sustainable? With a steady flow of cash from monthly dues and the visions of 5000 people we would seriously start to address poverty alleviation. 5000 people have political power should they speak with one voice. Politicians are interested in two kinds of people. Those with economic power and those with great social influence. Organization can arm us with both of these.


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$15 a month is one added small bill to your monthly expenses that can guarantee future economic liberation and a more equitable and just society for all.

Many reading this will know of the work the African Heritage Foundation already does in the Barbadian society. We are but 15 in number and fight with the strength of 1000. What say we were 5000, we would fight with the strength of 300,000.

Call or whatsapp the African Heritage Foundation at 264 – 4795  or email us at and find out how you can become a member. Ask how the organization ensures transparency as it pertains to its accounts and how it operates as a collective with central leadership and decision making.


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What do you have to loose? What do you have to gain?

We are our own liberators. Rise to the occasion.

Paul Rock

aka Simba Simba

Founder and president of the African Heritage Foundation

Inspired by the Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey.


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