Bajan DJ’s Supporting Youth Black Business. BLM!

I must admit that I am one of those people who knock/criticize Bajan DJ’s hard, for not doing more within their world of music, to influence positive youth Black empowerment.

Fully understanding that the radio station they work for, has much of the say in what is played, I still think they can do better. I am yet to see or hear of parties promoted by our DJ’s that Afro themed, and that assist in rising the consciousness of those in attendance as it pertains to Black Empowerment Yes, I do think you are role models, as is every adult in our society.

That said, I am also one of those to quickly give Jack his jacket when deserved. This article is written to do two things. The first is to say thank you to, DJ’s Skillz, Tank, Biggest and Dynasty of the A.O.N Soundz family, for using their influence to promote a small business. The second is to follow the lead set by these DJ’s, and help to promote the business further.



Before I go further, let me confess, (it is good for the soul), the business the DJ’s supported belongs to my daughter.

Iyore, my daughter, is all of 19 years years old, and for as long as I can remember she loved baking. Many were the nights watching “Buddy The Cake Boss” with her. She is now a student at the Barbados Community College, studying Culinary Arts. Anyway, she called me yesterday all excited to tell me of an opportunity she had to have her cupcakes promoted by some popular radio DJ’s. The DJ’s from A.O.N ( still don’t know what that stands for ), had asked her to sponsor their final online party, some cupcakes.


Iyore had baked me some cupcakes for Father’s Day and put the pictures of them on her Instagram. Apparently they were seen by one of the DJ’s, and it was decided among them to support her small business for this activity, instead of going to a more established one.


Behind the camera and singing is my partner Andrina.

Although the cupcakes would be sponsored, we both thought it would be a great avenue to get her new business promoted. She borrowed her granny’s car and came to pick me up so I could chauffeur her around, as she collected the things she needed to bake the cupcakes. It was also an opportunity for her to fully go into detail, all aspects of the sponsorship. Daddy she said, the DJ’s all have children who will have birthday parties, and a lot of people follow them, so when they speak of my cupcakes a lot of people will see and hear. She loves music just as much as she loves baking, so this was a win, win for her.




The cupcakes were done and delivered, the party held, and Iyore is happy.

Again to the above named DJ’s I say thank you. I am sure this is not the first time you have done this type of charitable work, and I am very sure, it will not be the last.

To everyone else, I am taking cupcake bookings and can be reached at 268-7084 or by email at

Knowing my daughter she has an IG page for the business and a name. Last I heard she was calling it “Rockie’s”, her last name is Rock and people love to call her Rockie. When you contact me for your cupcakes, I will give you the scoop on the name and the IG page.

I am sure I can speak for all those reading this little push for your business Iyore, when I say we wish you the very best with your cupcake business and all your other culinary endeavors. P.S. She also does a mean Sweet Bread.


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