Black Them Out and Make Them Hear!

In my last article I spoke of my feeling that the Private Sector support for the removal of Nelson was linked to good business practice and nothing more.

I was just reading the Barbados Today online news and saw this same entity speaking out against “Blackout Day”.

I would like to know how consciously spending with our own people is not a good thing? Every other race of people practice this, yet our colonial masters descendants would advise us otherwise.

Just the threat of taking away our consumer power is a cause of major concern for them. They cannot effectively support their own businesses and keep us economically suppressed at the same time.

I think we should open our eyes to this reality, and use it to the betterment of our economic and social positions on the island.


Blackout Day 2020 Calls For Black People To Use Their 'Economic ...

Blackout everyday I say, spend with your own.

High systematic racist winds are blowing and your racist underwear is showing. Withhold our money for a month and see what happens.

It is a fact that we as Black business owners have not been the most kind to ourselves, and our education has under prepared us to counter the residual effects of slavery that have made us into the ” ultimate consumers”. Nevertheless the longest journey starts with the first step. It is obvious that simply withholding our money and spending with businesses owned by our black brothers and sisters will not solve the issue of systematic racism, but it is a serious conversation starter and will be of some assistance to Black business and community empowerment in a variety of ways.




What will happen if Whites don’t spend their money with Blacks? What do the White people buy from us that we will miss their business? I am thinking? What if White business don’t employ Black people? Their businesses will crumble, and the great economic dictatorship they lord over us will eventually disappear. I am still thinking what Black businesses, White people support that we would miss if they withheld their dollars and cents.


Blackout Day 2020 July 7th Coffee Mug – Ronole

Sipping my Herbs I and thinking.

Black businesses must come together and work with one another, this is true. However this can only be effective if Black consumers come together and support Black business and give them power in the market by doing the majority of their business with them. Roxy over Massey!

Remember Marcus said the world is being run on a bluff. Don’t let the  White private sector man bluff you into thinking we need them as much as they need us. We are inter-dependent and they need us just as much as we think we need them.


Blackout Day - July 7th 2020 - KASiSB


Maybe we should teach slavery from the perspective of economics along with human rights injustice, and crimes against humanity in our schools.

Marcus Garvey said, ” Let no voice but your own speak to you from the depths. Let no influence but your own rouse you in time of peace and time of war. Hear all, but attend only to that which concerns you. Your allegiance shall be to your God, your race, your country.

Remember that the Jew in his political and economic urge is always first a Jew. The white man is first a white man under ALL CIRCUMSTANCES. So you can do no less, BE BLACK, BUY BLACK, THINK BLACK, AND ALL ELSE WILL TAKE CARE OF ITSELF!

Let no one inoculate you with evil doctrines to suit his own conveniences. Charity begins at home. So first to thyself be true, and thou canst not then be false to no man.”.


Venezuela blames 5-day blackout on US cyber warfare. Experts ...


Read the Barbados Today article and see what I am speaking of.

Harm’s way?

Stories by Kareem Smith
An initiative encouraging Black Barbadians to spend their money exclusively with Black-owned businesses on Tuesday, July 7 is receiving no support from one of the country’s largest private sector organisations whose leader is instead encouraging the black business sector to unite.
President of the Barbados Private Sector Association (BPSA) Edward Clarke who last week stressed the need for more action on “racial division and economic enfranchisement in Barbados”, suggested that “Blackout Tuesday” – whose supporters share the same goal – could be doing more harm than good.
“If it is something they want to do, I don’t object to it, but I don’t think it will do anything to galvanize the society. If there is intent and a bond among people of color, it will show that up, but I don’t think we will achieve a more integrated society,” Clarke told Barbados TODAY.
“Their goal may be to showcase their economic power, but it doesn’t bring the community together. There is no doubt about that. What happens if whites say they’re not going to spend money with blacks either?
“I don’t think in general it will help bring the Barbadian society together, whether Black, White, Indian, Chinese, mixed race or otherwise,” said the BPSA President.
The initiative originated in North America alongside the resurgence of black empowerment movements. In Barbados, the intention is to leverage the country’s 95 per cent black consumer population in support of a “national Black wealth creation strategy”, according to a release sent out by local entrepreneur Kathie Daniel.
The private sector spokesman agreed that white Barbadians own many of the companies in sectors like construction, and numerous multinational companies that dominate other industries.
He however argued that “blacking out” such entities would also affect thousands of Afro-Barbadians who manage, direct and serve as employees in businesses that are not owned by persons of their own ethnic background.
Instead, Clarke is encouraging Black entrepreneurs to take more risks, band together as business partners and use the billions of “black-owned” dollars sitting dormant in the country’s financial institutions to compete with more established companies on the island.
“There is no doubt that the average black man does not have the capital, but if you bond and band together, and embark on joint ventures and partnerships, you will see a difference. I guarantee that you will see a difference, and I just hope that people will try to do that, because it will be difficult otherwise.
“The banks are not going to lend money to people who don’t have good business plans and enough capital to back the finance that they want themselves, because most institutions ask for at least 30 or 40 per cent equity and then they will lend you the other 70 or 60 per cent,” Clarke suggested.
“…The $10 billion in surplus savings in the banks are not really owned by white people. We need to understand why that isn’t being put to good use. I think we need to understand that you need to take risks to get rewards. When you look around and see some of the well-established businesses majority owned by white people, we need to understand that these people put a lot of investment at risk to get a good reward and they have been successful over the years,” he added.
The BPSA president also acknowledged that in the 1950s, 60s and 70s, Black Barbadians seeking capital might have been unfairly treated by financial institutions, but noted that in 2020, Black people now dominate the banking sector. According to Clarke, such factors, along with the tremendous success of the credit union movement should have resulted in a more level playing field.

I end with a few more words from Marcus Garvey :

Any leadership that teaches you to depend upon another race is a leadership that will enslave you.

Any leadership that teaches you to depend upon another race is a leadership that will enslave you.

They gave leadership to our foreparents and that leadership made them slaves.

But we have decided to find a leadership of our own… to make ourselves free men. Our great scholars have advanced through the colleges and universities, have thrown away the blackened record.

Babylon did it.

Assyria did.

France under Napoleon did it.

Germany under Prince Von Bismarck did it.

England under…

America under George Washington did it.


If you cannot do it, if you are not prepared to do it, then you will DIE!

You race of cowards!

You race of imbeciles!

You race of good for nothings!

If you cannot do what other men have done, what other nations have done, what other races have done, THEN YOU HAD BETTER DIE!

Can we do it?

We can do it?

We shall do it.

We’ll pray to God for vision and for leadership. And he has given us a universal vision… a vision that will not limit our possibilities to America,… a vision that will not limit our possibilities to the West Indies,.. but a vision that says there must be a free and redeemed Africa.


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