Cannabis advocacy and activism in Barbados. It could save you from a fine or jail time.

Cannabis Barbados wishes to thank everyone who attended its online discussion entitled Cannabis Legalization – A Matter Of Constitutional And Human Rights, yesterday evening.

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We also give thanks for the contributions of the Attorney’s -at- Law who were present, and gave legal insight into the issue of our constitutional and human rights, pertaining to cannabis access for Barbadians. The plight of the Rastafari community was discussed, and their legal action that challenges the Sacramental Cannabis Act. This line of reasoning lead to inputs on cannabis use considerations for all Barbadians, that could be argued in court of law, alongside the impending constitutional motion that has been filed against the Attorney General of Barbados.

The meeting closed with a look at the cannabis advocacy and activism that should be undertaken by civil society while legal actions are proceeding. It was noted that the battle for cannabis decriminalization leading to full legalization, should be fought on the street through education, while lawyers take the Attorney General to task in the law courts. When asked about the possible impact of this case on other cannabis arrests for small possession and cultivation, the lawyers present stated that the attorney of a person charged for such an offence, can ask for a stay in their case, pending the results of the cannabis case against the Attorney General.

Cannabis Barbados apologies for the rude racist interruptions that came during the final moments of what was a very informative discussion.

Please set aside some time to listen to the discussion for yourself. You are also asked to share this information in your circles. Let us within our legal representations for such matters, put a hold on cannabis convictions for possession of small amounts of cannabis, and the cultivation of a few trees.

It is High Time that we act on behalf of ourselves, to free ourselves from institutionalized cannabis oppression.

Start at 14:30.

Cannabis Legalisation: A Matter of Constitutional & Human Rights!

Cannabis Legalisation: A Matter of Constitutional & Human Rights! Discussion: In the eyes of the Law is the RasTafari person treated differently to non-RasTfari persons? Do you know your constitutional & human rights?

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