Cannabis Confusion As Cannabis Tyranny Continues Pt2.

Confusion, Confusion Confusion! There is so much confusion surrounding the announcement of the “decriminalization” of 14 grams of cannabis or less by the Governor General of Barbados in her recent Throne Speech, that one has to wonder if the drafters of this proposal were under the influence of some sort of legal intoxicating substance.

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The confusion surrounding the matter at hand does not reside with the Barbadian public alone, even the Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF) is confused. Granted that some of its confusion and concerns are founded in pure ignorance, their state of mind is a result of the Government’s attempt to bamboozle the people of Barbados.

It would seem that no consultation was had with the RBPF before the announcement of  this ludicrous proposal for cannabis decriminalization was made by the PM through the GG. The RBPF has a solid point when it asks the question, how will officers determine whether the substance they have found an individual with is cannabis? Before, an officer was arresting a person based on suspecting them of having cannabis. The substance found had to be tested, so that the arresting officers claim could be validated. Thus someone could be smoking something resembling a spliff and be arrested, could plead not guilty and the laboratory tests would confirm that the substance was not cannabis. The question is as relates to the ticketing of  persons for 14 grams of cannabis or less is, how does the officer determine that the substance that they are ticketing the person for is cannabis? Should the police wrongfully ticket a person for smoking a fanta (tobacco) spliff, how then does the individual appeal the ticket, and who will have the evidence?


This direction of thought leads us to ask another question, when a person is caught smoking a spliff and has a gram of cannabis on them, what happens to the cannabis? Will it be destroyed on the spot by the officer? Will the person be able to keep their cannabis? Will the officer confiscate it to be logged with matching ticket?

The statement by an officer of the RBPF that said, that the move by government to decriminalize cannabis would result in a nation of zombies is scary. It speaks to a level of ignorance that should concern the people of Barbados. Not withstanding the fact that the RBPF should have gone through a serious mandatory course in cannabis education/re-education, mountains of information on cannabis are easily accessible to all, including police officers who are people just like you and I. Police officers should research for themselves the impact of cannabis in countries who have legalized cannabis for either medicinal or recreational purposes, or as in some cases both. Are these countries teaming with cannabis zombies? We think not, and evidence is there to prove this fact.

Cannabis Barbados is asking the RBPF if they believe the Rastafari community to be one of “ZOMBIES’? If so then some of us are surely zombies. This is insulting, the RBPF should apologize to Barbados for their ignorant statement.


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As stated in part one of this article series, the government is moving forward with its cannabis reform with the underpinning mentality that the plant is a dangerous drug, and as such passes its cannabis cognitive dissonance down through the ranks of its servants and some of its citizens. One can only conclude that the government remains ignorant to the truth of cannabis in the society, because they want to remain ignorant for their secret diabolical reasons.

The Barbados cannabis decriminalization ship has a $200 hole that is sinking it. Captain Mia should patch the $200 hole in the boat and make it a little more sea worthy.

Cannabis Barbados in the third article of this series will focus on its ideas for morally just, and economically viable cannabis reforms.


Economic Benefits of Cannabis Legalization | Download Table


We at Cannabis Barbados urge each and everyone of you to send communication to your local representatives, the Prime Minister’s or Attorney General’s offices, expressing your concerns about the framework of their intended cannabis ” decriminalization”.

If you ( the government) want to say decriminalization consists of the allowance of 14 grams, use in personal spaces and a $200 fine for public use, that we are sure would be more acceptable to everyone. Thus this fine would apply to smoking in general in public places.


The Barbadian Prime Minister’s political promising and supporting theatrics on the issue of cannabis legalization or reasonable decriminalization, will not sway an informed people. Thus it is the duty of each reader to share this article, and position themselves in a manner that they may be kept informed of government and civil society cannabis activities surrounding cannabis legalization or decriminalization.

We will not pay your extortion fees while you trample on our human and constitution rights. Join us in Cannabis Barbados and help us organize ourselves as we engage our cannabis oppressors. As they plan for us, we must plan for them.

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