Caribbean Reparation Committee’s 10 point plan of action. Point no 2. REPATRIATION

Today we continue in our series of discussions on the CRC’s call for Reparations . Yesterday we spoke of the firt point on this plan which was an apology from the former colonial masters. Today we focus on point 2, Repatriation.

Mr Peter Laurie in an article he penned in the Barbados Today had this to say about Reparations. ” Let’s take the second point of the plan: the paid repatriation of those persons of African descent in the Caribbean who wish to return to Africa. Which African countries are going to accept these returnees and under what conditions? And what if some decide after a couple of years that they would rather return to the Caribbean: who pays for this re-repatriation?” Peter Laurie, a former Barbados diplomat, is a noted social commentator.

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We would like to hear your thoughts on Repatriation. Please remember to make your comments here as we continually add information to this website to be used by students in their various paths of study. We also intend to deliver  information to you not readily available in our regular news outlets.

As always we of the African Heritage Foundation are asking you to make a donation to the pilot phase of our Afrocentric Educational Project ‘Knowledge Is Power”. Your donations will be used to purchase prizes, facilitate the structuring of phase 2 of this project that will be launched in February 2016 and will include all 22 secondary schools on the island of Barbados.

We cannot stress enough the need for the support of the International Black Community (IBC) in our goal to become an efficient self sustainable organization. Your contributions need not be only limited to small monetary donations, any ideas on the development and implementation of Afrocentric educational projects are also welcomed.

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It keeps being said that the spending power of African descended people is not being utilized to benefit the greater masses of our people. The AHF knows that each and every one of us should contribute to at least one organization that has mandated in itself to champion the plight of the marginalized people in their societies and communities.

If I cannot turn to my brothers and sisters over the seas for help then who should I turn to for help for our family here in Barbados? We are not asking you to inconvenience yourself but to make a $5 or $10 donation to the AHF to help us  along our journey. Could you imagine if one million African descended people were to put aside just $10 a month for donations to empowering community minded non governmental organizations. Of the $10 give $1 to 10 different organizations. That would mean you now have 10 organizations with the economic development power of $1000,000.00 per month. The point being made here is that each and every one of us has the ability if we are truly interested, to empower our people, our communities and ultimately our race with give just a fraction of our spending power. You have the power to assist us here in Barbados by making a small donation to our cause, will you help?

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