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The African Heritage Foundation (AHF) registered charity 1112, invites you to attend its community activism planning meeting this evening at 6 o’clock.

AHF community activism planning meetings are held weekly. The AHF family continuously endeavors to formulate tangible plans of action to assist with community development and empowerment. It also focuses on economic development and sustainability for itself. The AHF seeks not to be dependent on external funding for its development, as such it has and continues to create sustainable business initiatives. These initiatives are founded on its own business model of collective economic advancement.

This evening’s meeting will focus on activity for the fourth quarter of 2018. Four main activities have been identified for development at this time.

  1. The Urban Community Food Sustainability Initiative. This activity will focus on creating a model of sustainable organized backyard agriculture in the AHF’s surrounding community. It will look at different farming methods that will facilitate maximum collective food cultivation in the community. It also addresses produce distribution and economic advancements for the community.
  2. The Barbados Alkebulan Academy for Social Empowerment (BAASE). Here the AHF will discuss its plans for the September to December school term. It will also focus on a community after school homework program. This program is offered to parents at minimal cost to assist low income families. Youth development is also the responsibility of BAASE and as such, it will formulate plans for the CLUB UBUNTU youth initiative.
  3. The development, marketing and sales of the AHF’s 2019 Sankofa History Calendar. This is an economic/educational business adventure the AHF has embarked on.
  4. Media development is a major interest of the AHF. As such it will start making plans for a grassroots newspaper and a weekly radio program.

The AHF has other activities that are always unwritten parts of all its meeting agendas. These include repairs to its headquarters (HQ), maintenance of its backyard medicinal herb garden, business operated from the HQ and finances.

From time to time in an effort to encourage others to journey with us on our mission, the AHF publishes an open invitation to its weekly community activism planning meeting.

The AHF is of the opinion that Pan Africanism should be more than an academic exercise or performance production for entertainment. It is their opinion that community and social activism founded on the African centered philosophy of Ubuntu is the only way to achieve true development and empowerment in the more impoverished communities around the island. It is also seen to be the most plausible manner in which overall poverty alleviation can be addressed. In the minds and hearts of the AHF, activism/calculated action is the hallmark of true Pan African philosophy.

The AHF looks forward to seeing some new faces this evening and possibly welcoming some new members to the AHF family.

Location of meeting: AHF headquarters, Emerald, Upper Two Mile Hill, St Michael.

Directions: If coming from town, pass the Springer school and make second right turn. It is the first house of your left. Coming from Bussa, travel down Two Mile Hill pass Mc Carthys Garage, make next left. First house on left.

Simba Simba

President and founding member of the AHF.

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