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Greetings from Our Afrikan Heritage Magazine

We invite you to advertise your business with us for less than $1.40 a day

Thank you for taking the time to look over our advertising offer. Our Afrikan Heritage Magazine (OAH) is a publication that supports The African Heritage Foundation (AHF), a Barbados based charity geared towards the advancement of positive and fulfilling lives through education, business development, economic empowerment and community development. As a lifestyle online publication, we utilise our website to publish daily content. Our Afrikan Heritage draws its energy from longstanding traditions, contemporary concepts and emerging ideologies that shape our international collective conscience and market potential. Our contributions are sourced from people around the world and various affiliated news networks. We welcome content from people from all walks of life. Our aim is to provide a digital publication that is educational, trendy, fashionable and popular in our society. It is also the goal of the OAH in cooperation with the AHF to have this website used as a mandatory source of information for Afrocentric education in our schools.

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Why do people visit the OAH website?

The OAH website features daily content not readily found in our mainstream media sources. The content may be related to events transpiring at present, educational features on historical events, personalities, entrepreneurs or other information pertaining to the present and future market potential of Africa for businesses in the Diaspora. The wide range of content that includes book reviews, arts and craft galleries, comics, blogging, fashion, special events and a shop that promotes various businesses ensures that this website is always an informative and interesting place to visit.

The OAH website is the main avenue through which the African Heritage Foundation promotes its projects and events. The promotion of these activities encourages persons to visit the website and share the information with their friends and family. A strong social media presence creates a platform on which our daily features are advertised, thus driving traffic to our website on a consistent basis. One of these social media sites allows us to access a large section of working professionals who now are regular visitors to our website. Although this website attracts a large international viewership, the activities of the African Heritage Foundation help to increase and ensure a sizable percentage of daily visits to the site are local in origin. This will increase as project activity increases.

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What advertising service is OAH offering you?

Our Afrikan Heritage Magazine is offering you digital content advertising on our website at unbelievable rates. Content marketing provides an excellent alternative to traditional advertising. With content marketing, instead of interrupting customers, businesses provide content that their customers want or need, in exchange for their attention. This content takes the form of features on this website. Features have no word or image limits. Videos, SlideShare and audio presentations can be embedded into your feature. As mentioned above, traditional advertising relies on interrupting customers to capture their attention for a brief moment in time. With content marketing, businesses can capture customers’ attention for as long as the customer is willing to use the content. If your feature is helpful to the potential customer, they will save it and come back to read it later. Instead of glancing at an advertisement and then moving on, customers may spend five minutes reading a post and they may return later that year to read it again. Each time they interact with the content, it becomes a positive interaction with the business.

In addition, as stated above, our featured content takes advantage of social media sharing to create promotion for the website and ultimately you, the advertiser. People do not share Google ads or billboards with their friends, but they do share features and all the content therein. In short, people share content, not advertisements, so content marketing takes advantage of people’s digital social networks and the social sharing phenomena of the internet.

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Additional advantages of advertising with OAH

1. Duration of advertisement. Your content advertisement is valid for the period of one year on the website. All new visitors to the website have the opportunity to view your advertisement within this time.

2. Without having to purchase a new advertising space each time you want to promote a new product or service in your business, your existing feature can be updated and re promoted at a cost of $100. Your feature can be renewed for another year at the price of $250.

3. Each content advertisement is given direct promotion on entering the website. This means visitors to the site will be directly encouraged to view your feature for this period of time. Prime advertising space on the website that directs viewers to your feature will be afforded to you free of cost for the period of one week.

4. A link to your website will be available for potential customers who would like to obtain more information on your business.

5. Product or service tags will enable potential customers to find your feature with ease on the website.

6. Links to your feature will be advertised at the end of other news features that relate to your business. This means your business is periodically given extra marketing on the website without added cost to you.

7. Monthly newsletters are emailed to subscribers in which we introduce all new business features on the website. All updates to features are also highlighted in these newsletters. It must be noted here that our subscription base is made up of mainly residents on the island.

You are invited to take advantage of this offer for the low price of $500.

This equates to a daily advertising rate of less than $1.40. In addition to this offer, to further maximise your visibility on the website, you can have your feature promoted on our slider for a week at a cost of only $50. Our slider carries five images in its rotation.

Additional charges will be included should you require OAH to provide professional product photography, videography or scripting services for your business. 125×125 Banner Ad space is available at the cost of $100 a month. This is an additional method of driving traffic directly to either your content advertisement or your website. Banner advertising space can also be purchased at $250 for 3 months. Your business logo can be set on the leader board for $75 dollars a month. Your logo when clicked will lead our visitor either to your website or your content advertisement.

Why Should You Advertise With Us?

Apart from the remarkable value we offer your advertising dollar, 40% of the profits created through advertising on this website is donated to the AHF to assist with funding for its youth empowerment, community and small business development projects. To cap all of this good stuff, we offer you terms for payment that are easy and constructed to accommodate your pocket as we seek to have our content advertising utilised by small businesses.

Our content advertising allows you to build an identity for yourself and your business. You may be an expert in your field, but not perceived as such. Writing an article and having it published as a feature in content advertising exposes your expertise to the reader who is a potential customer or referral agent based on what they have read. When people begin to perceive you as an expert in your field they will seek you out for your business.


I am confident that adding us to your advertising mix will be beneficial to your business. We would be more than happy to meet with you at your earliest convenience to discuss what else Our Afrikan Heritage’s website can do to enhance your business in the area of promotion and advertising. For more information or to book an advertising space please contact us at 268 7084, 624 0484 or email us at Y

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