Coronavirus in Barbados: Questions we would like answered.

COVID-19 has touched down here in Barbados and the panic has begun. The Prime Minister and her host of ministers can talk until their faces turn blue with calls for people to desist in panic buying, but the people are scared and stocking up for a national or self-imposed period of social/public isolation.

Many Bajans are concerned and many more angry at the Barbadian government for its decision not to close it boarders, while accommodating the birthing and disembarking of passengers from several cruise liners in a move to fly them home. This is all well and good, but the question is being asked, should these be people be allowed to roam the island while they await their flights home? My mother confessed to me that she was driving through Bridgetown a couple days ago and was shocked to see the large number of tourist travailing the boardwalk. She said she had never seen so many tourist in at one time. Her concern of course is founded on the real possibility of many of these people having the virus and its inevitable spread. Will we be like Italy who ill prepared themselves and are now paying the price? My mother always says to me, ” son, prevention is better than a cure”.


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With the announcement of  COVID-19 confirmed cases in Barbados, we can expect to see more fear based behaviour taking place. Barbadians are being told to start practicing social distancing, many have studied the consequences of doing so and like myself have many, many questions.

The people of Barbados would like to know …..

  1. How are Barbadians who depend on public transportation to get to work do so? Obviously using the overcrowded buses and mini vans will not be advisable as we practice social distancing.
  2. Will government advise a halt on utility bill payments due to the inability of people to reach their places of work and earn the money needed to pay them?
  3. Seeing gatherings of over 100 persons are banned, it stands to reason that all public primary and secondary schools will have to be closed. How will this impact on parent’s jobs and the education of the children? What will happen with CXC’s and the Common Entrance exam should the nation’s children be unable to attend school for a couple months? Maybe if the government had headed the call from the African Heritage Foundation to develop a homeschool division in its education ministry, this situation would not be as grim as it seems.
  4. Will government also advise landlords and ladies to appreciate the strained financial positions of their tenants due to the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on the island and issue a amnesty on rent payments?
  5. Will the law courts be closed?

These are but a few of the questions that the nation needs answered sooner than later. Questions related to the overall financial impact of the virus on Barbados will also have to be asked and answered in time.

The African Heritage Foundation of the opinion that government should effect an immediate amnesty on arrest of persons for possession of cannabis less than two ounces. It should also allow personal grow so that access to the plant will be afforded to all. When it comes to the immune system, the herb is all business. Not only is the plant effective at relieving some of the pain and uncomfortable symptoms of autoimmune disease, but it is showing a lot of potential as a powerful immunomodulator. Immunomodulators are medications used to help regulate or normalize the immune system.

The nation’s physical health of its people must be first and foremost in the minds of our leaders.

The African Heritage Foundation will be suspending its fundraising activities until such time as it is advisable to commence them, however its homeschool program will continue. Parents wishing to access some guidance for their children’s education within a homeschooling environment, may contact the organization at 268-7084, 260-4795 or email

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