Crochet Eye Candy by Michellae Walker

Welcome to Crochet Eye Candy by Michellae Walker. This is a Jamaican based business run by a creative goal-oriented individual that loves to crochet.

Please click on this link when you have viewed Michelle’s creations to view more, purchase or contact her.

michallea 42 michallea 44


michallea 43 michallea 39

michallea 40 michallea 41

michallea 36 michallea 37

michallea 38 michallea 34

michallea 35 michallea 31

michallea 32 michallea 33


michallea 23 michallea 22

michallea 21 michallea 20

michallea 19 michallea 18

michallea 17 michallea 16

michallea 15 michallea 14

michallea 13 michallea 12

michallea 11 michallea 10 michallea 9

michallea 8 michallea 7 michallea 6

michallea 5 michallea 4 michallea 3

michallea 2          michallea 1

Michellae is one of the voice talents on the Ganja Talk radio program aired weekly on Monday nights 9pm – 11pm local Jamaican time and archived here for everyone to have the opportunity to listen in.

The African Heritage Foundation along with Ganja Talk thanks Empress Michellae for her outstanding contribution  to the program and hope that you like and support this beautifully talented young sister.



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