Emancipation Day Cannabis Activism in Barbados. An Invitation To The Nation.

Mexico’s Supreme Court has ruled that a ban on recreational cannabis use is unconstitutional.

Mexico Supreme Court removes ban on recreational marijuana


For Mexicans this means that they will soon be able to apply for permits to use cannabis recreationally. Cannabis Barbados has noted that the terminology “recreational” is misleading, and that the more applicable reference for that modality of cannabis use is ” therapeutic”. That being said, the ruling of Mexico’s Supreme Court move will create one of the largest legal markets for cannabis.


Supreme Court strikes down laws prohibiting recreational marijuana use


The decision was approved by eight of the court’s eleven judges. Court president Arturo Zaldivar said it “is a historic day for liberties.” Barbadians still await their “historic day for liberties” as it relates to cannabis justice.


Arturo Zaldívar. IACHR and AI question the extension of mandate in Court -  Ruetir

                                    Court president Arturo Zaldivar

What does the ruling mean, and what would such a measure, if undertaken by the present Barbadian government mean for us?

Mexicans who want to use cannabis therapeutically or grow a number of cannabis plants for private use will now be able to apply for a permit from the government. We want this for Barbadians as well.


Mexico moves towards legalising cannabis | Financial Times


Cannabis consumers must be adults and are not allowed to undertake any risky activities, such as driving, while under the influence. Cannabis use in front of children is prohibited.

Medical cannabis has been legal in Mexico since 2017. Cannabis permits have been granted for Mexicans who file court injunctions since 2015, but now they will be available for the general public.


Print Mexico poised to become legal pot giant Lawmakers have until Dec. 15  to approve legislation to regulate recreational cannabis. DEBATE has  intensified in Mexico over what marijuana legalization should look like and  whom it should benefit. Above, the ...


The ruling comes as a wide-ranging bill to legalize cannabis remains stalled in Mexico’s bicameral Parliament. This is similar to the situation in Barbados, where the government has not made any move to grant its people any form of reasonable cannabis justice.  As such the battle for the rights of Barbadians as it pertains to cannabis, is now in the courts of law.

In Mexico, The Supreme Court previously gave the Congress of the Union until April 30 of this year to pass the bill. The Congress of the Union is the legislature of the federal government of Mexico consisting of two chambers: the Senate of the Republic and the Chamber of Deputies.


Congress of the Union - Wikiwand


The legislation was passed by Mexico’s lower house, the Chamber of Deputies, in March. Yet the Senate has not passed the legislation, and it may push back its final decision on the law to September.

The court has called on the Congress to move forward on the ruling. The legislation would create a system of permits not only for buying and selling cannabis, but also for the cultivation, transportation and export of the plant.


Who benefits from Mexico becoming biggest legal pot market? - Los Angeles  Times


Barbadians can ill afford to sit and keep silent about the cannabis injustice here on the island, being perpetuated by its government. You are invited to support cannabis activism in Barbados, by coming out to the Emancipation celebrations at the Bussa monument on August 1st 2021. At this activity cannabis activist Ras Simba Akoma will be make a presentation entitled Cannabis Emancipation The People’s Revolution. Everyone is invited to come out, support and sign the “We The People” petition for just cannabis reform in Barbados. You are also invited to walk with placards that relate to just cannabis reform. This is an opportunity for Barbadians, on such an auspicious day, to demand their cannabis freedom from its cannabis oppressors.


Mexico's Supreme Court overturns country's ban on recreational marijuana -  The Washington Post


We cannot honour the name of our heroes and sheroes who fought for our Emancipation if we in ourselves refuse to fight as they did for our liberty.


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Make early preparations to be at Bussa for 5.30 am on August 1st 2021, when we will start to gather . Tell someone, and tell them to tell someone. Let the cannabis army arise and salute the general Bussa in word fortified with action, and let the BLP know enough is enough. Let the 1st of August issue in another level of cannabis activism in Barbados


Visit Barbados בטוויטר: "On August 1 we celebrate Emancipation Day  commemorating the emancipation of slaves who were in captivity on  plantations in 1834#LoveBarbados… https://t.co/320wEWRa3U"


For more information on the August 1st Emancipation Day Cannabis activism call or Whatsapp 260-4795.

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