From The Diaspora To Africa … Emehlo lamabili ayabonisana

The African Hertiage Foundation (AHF) is seeking support for a single mother of two children who repatriated to the continent over a decade ago and now finds herself trying to complete an small eco-friendly home for her family.

Empress Bussi  gives you a video tour of her eco – friendly home in January 2021.


Empress Bussi is a sistren in a quest to make the ultimate reconnection with her ancestral home repatriated to Africa continent over ten years ago. What started as an inspired as calculated, bold, and exciting journey “Back to the Motherland”, has proven itself to be perilous for the Empress and her children. Within her time on the continent, Empress Bussi (like countless others with untold stories) has found herself experiencing trickery, dishonesty, discrimination, sexism, and etc. Her determination to make a life for herself and her family in Africa, gave her the strength to overcome numerous challenges which required her even travelling to different parts of the continent. She has been on the road to bettering her living and financial situation, and even started saving towards permanent housing for her family. She was able to purchase a house plot, and little by little try to send monies for building to its said location. While residing on the continent, she has spent the majority of her time assisting orphaned and vulnerable children, and also victims of gender based violence.



The AHF met Empress Bussi last year, and has been publishing articles written by her entitled “Realities of Repatriation” in a series intended to inform persons repatriating to Africa of what they are likely to face when they reach, and also as a means to link the African Diaspora in regards to the current social realities that are on the ground. Empress Bussi is a social advocate for reform within both the traditional and current political systems to better facilitate arrangements and policies that would help to safeguard those Diasporans whom have returned, or are returning home, from some of the harsh realties of living in Africa,  being deemed as an “outsider”. We looked forward to her on-going written contributions and forum talks on the issue of repatriation.

However, with the every present changes in the world, unforeseen global unemployment, the reality of the global pandemic. and its related lockdowns all over the continent with impending travel restrictions, Empress Bussi has found herself moving again, and forced to complete the house that she had started saving for and building. This required her to yet again uproot herself for the sake of the long-term stability of her two children. She had to now exhaust saved funds to travel again before more border closing, and attempt to speed-up the building of her family’s home. Empress Bussi being very eco-conscious and African-centered, has made the foundation and walls of the two bedroom house completely out of earth and clay materials shaped in a round infrastructure. Her vision is to continue to keep all materials locally sourced and to use solar lighting and composting while also engaging in organic farming.


                                                        Casting done on the floor in March 2021. 


At this point, let it be noted that Empress Bussi is survivor of domestic violence, and is very discreet in allowing her exact whereabouts to be known for the safety of herself and her children. It is the reason why this article is asking you to empathize, and assist a sistren, whom while being complete stranger to you. with her situation, and understand the vagueness in giving more of her personal details. As it is for the overall safety and security of her children that their names and exact location on the continent will not be published.

It is with great humility that the AHF is asking you to donate whatever you can afford to a drive to raise $3,000 USD. This money will be used to facilitate the completion of Empress Bussi’s house to ensure her family has a safe place to reside. In the pictures and video published; you will see what work has been done recently, and how much work needs to be completed. She is racing against time; as she has to constantly deal with environmental elements such as changes in seasons from dry to rainy and hot, and humid to cool and damp which impacts the building process.


                 Empress Bussi is seen here with some clay bricks that will be used in the roofing.

As of present, she desperately needs a roof to keep the housing structure together and this has proven to be one of the most costly endeavors thus far as it requires locally sourced materials made of wood, steel, and metal. Her savings is now gone and while she manages to keep her children actively educated and fed, the completion of the house without your assistance seems to be an impossibility. At the present, she is residing in temporary lodging where she cannot stay there indefinitely. Due to her current instability, this also has given way to her not being able to publish articles for her series. The fact is Empress Bussi and her family are not far from being destitute and homeless in Africa.

All donations to this cause should be sent to this PayPal account……..




PayPal account . This will be ensured that Empress Bussi will receive the funds towards her home. Upon completion of her home, pictures will be shared with you in celebration of African collective security in an effort to fulfill the African proverb of “Emehlo lamabili ayabonisana” meaning that people who see eye to eye in a dire situation will help each other.

The AHF thanks you in advance for any assistance you can give this sister. In this great time of uncertainty, we must be our brothers and sisters keepers. Walk Good.

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