Grand Risings … May 16th 2020

Grand Rising Family. For what awaits us, is greater than what is behind us. As the river of life seeps through our veins, the breath of life commands us to be on stage.

Fear – Crissi Langwell


To be on stage means to embrace the crowds, but never to live for the crowds. For when we play for the applause, we exist ONLY for others validation.

Hit the stage of life, with the zest of life. Hit the stage of life, with the confidence of life. For the stage is massive, so our thinking/actions MUST BE GRAND. WE MUST perform as if no one is watching and engaged as if ALL are becoming.

For ALL to be in the space of becoming, NO ONE will be malicious in their viewing. So when we have a great opportunity before us, DON’T be frightening by its size, be moved by it’s ability to be engaged. For it too can be conquered, by a mind that is unbothered.

So flow from the river to become a part of the ocean, for when we do, we will find the greatest element of LIFE (UNIFICATION ).

Have a Jahful, Upful and Fruitful day Family.

Glenroy-Ricky Babb

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