Grand Risings … May 20th 2020

Grand Rising Family. “In the land of abundance, no person should ever be starving.”

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This quote references something that clearly is an issue with some and not others. It points to positioning oneself, when one needs to be properly directed . For a closed mouth doesn’t get fed.

Likewise, this pertains not just for the physical, this is directly associated with the mental. I have witnessed persons suffering in silence and living in despair. Fearful of living, as they refuse to attach themselves to the greatest assistance that they can be provided with (Help). For the three biggest words in our vocabulary “I NEED HELP” seems to never be spoken when NEEDED.

Living in shame and Pride has for TOO LONG kept us suffering. In the land of abundance. I NEED HELP, becomes the three most liberating words one can utter. For it puts down shame and pride and picks up courage and strength.

WE ALL AT SOMETIME NEED HELP. Speak it into the universe. It’s needed.

Have a Jahful, Upful and Fruitful day Family.

Glenroy – Ricky Babb

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