Grand Risings … May 21st 2020

Grand Rising Family. To know that what you have been taught, ISN’T fully resonating with your core becomes the altering of your path.

When you realize that you are the Universe, you feel the Power of ...


For the “gut” tells you that what you have been told, is how to fold, how to exist and never to resist. You have been fed a steady diet of information, not suited for your liberation, but for your continued oppression. The “gut” tells you that it’s time. For the gut is where 90% of our immunity/defense system derives from.

It’s no wonder it’s called a “gut feeling “. This tells us that we will start to move in ways different from the group, but it will be in the best interest of the group. For our liberation takes revolution. It takes proper analysis of what is beneficial and what needs to be eradicated.

You will feel lonely at times, but you will NEVER be alone. For the story has to change and in order for it to, we must change.

CHEERS to the brave ones on the frontline leading the way, SALUTE TO YOU.

Have a Jahful, Upful and Fruitful day Family.

Glenroy-Ricky Babb

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