Haile Selassie’s 50th Anniversary Exhibition UWI Mona Jamaica

On the 21st April 1966, His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie visited Trinidad, Barbados, Jamaica and Haiti. To commemorate this event the Rastafari community in Jamaica hosted a number of activities that retraced the journey of H.I.M on that island 50 years ago.

One such activity to commemorate the occasion was an exhibition of Haile Selassie’s visit to the region located in the UWI Regional Headquarters, Mona Jamaica. Here now is a picture galley of that exhibition.

IMG-20160426-WA0059[1] IMG-20160426-WA0058[1]

IMG-20160426-WA0055[1] IMG-20160426-WA0054[1]

IMG-20160426-WA0052[1] IMG-20160426-WA0051[1]


IMG-20160426-WA0046[1] IMG-20160426-WA0045[1]

IMG-20160426-WA0043[1] IMG-20160426-WA0042[1]

IMG-20160426-WA0041[1] IMG-20160426-WA0038[1]

IMG-20160426-WA0035[1] IMG-20160426-WA0034[1]

IMG-20160426-WA0031[1] IMG-20160426-WA0028[1]

IMG-20160426-WA0026[1] IMG-20160426-WA0023[1]

IMG-20160426-WA0022[1] IMG-20160426-WA0020[1]

IMG-20160426-WA0019[1] IMG-20160426-WA0015[1]

IMG-20160426-WA0013[1] IMG-20160426-WA0011[1]

IMG-20160426-WA0009[1] IMG-20160426-WA0006[1]



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