High Time To Invest In Cannabis Stocks

It’s considered to be the largest cash crop in the United States.

Enjoying a growth rate of 77% from 2013 to 2014 and an estimated 700% growth rate by 2018, it’s bigger than corn, bigger than cotton, and bigger than wheat.

I’m talking about marijuana, and according to UN data, the market is valued at about $142 billion.

To put that in perspective, the global coffee market — one of the most valuable commodities on the planet — is valued at about $80 billion per year.

Each day, legislative and social steps are being taken towards complete legalization.

The Marijuana Money Map

marijuana map

The Map above displays territories in both the North and South Americas which have legalized marijuana. And the number of green spaces will only increase.

Marijuana is now a viable industry that’s making investors an absolute fortune, with a lot more on the way.

Take, for instance, Novus Acquisition & Development Corp. (OTC: NDEV), a company that provides health insurance and medical plans to patients who pursue alternative treatment with medical marijuana.

This was one of the biggest winners in the marijuana space back in 2014. Check it out…

ndev chart

A $10,000 investment in NDEV turned into $240,000 in less than a year.

Of course, that stock is yesterday’s news. But there are plenty of new legal marijuana stocks that are ripe for the picking.

Which is what brings us here today. There is no better time to position yourself in the marijuana market than right now.

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