How important is a formal apology for their slave trade by our former colonial owners

In its call for justice on the matter of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade the Caribbean Reparations Committee (CRC) has proposed a 10 point plan action plan. The African Heritage Foundation (AHF) takes a closer look at this plan and together with our readers will review the plan point by point.

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Today’s discussion will be focused on the 1st point on the CRC plan of action in their call for justice from our former colonial masters. Is a call for an apology an absolute in the CRC’s quest for repertory justice? Why or why not?

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Point 1.


“The healing process for victims and the descendants of the enslaved and enslavers requires as a precondition the offer of a sincere formal apology by the governments of Europe. Some governments in refusing to offer an apology have issued in place Statements of Regrets.Such statements do not acknowledge that crimes have been committed and represent a refusal to take responsibility for such crimes. Statements of regrets represent, furthermore, a reprehensible response to the call for apology in that they suggest that victims and their descendants are not worthy of an apology. Only an explicit formal apology will suffice within the context of the Caricom Reparations Justice Program (CRJP)”.

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