I write what I like. AzMan! I think “Unhornable” is “Unforgivable”!

Artist of straw

AzMan! Another one bites the dust. This was my thought after listening to the song “Unhornable” by the group AzMan. A good sistren of mine called to ask if I had heard the song Unhornable and what my thoughts were. I had not heard it yet and was only unfortunate enough to hear it yesterday.

I wish that song was unhearable, unplayable and undesired by our people. But being the lovers of bashment, slackness and lewdness this song has found a comfortable place in the musical cesspit of Barbados. Just like others before them, the hunger to be seen and noticed has consumed the beings of entertainers who started out with a positive message to the nation. They have now bent right over in order to get a lil forward.  In this society where gaining recognition is vital to our sense of self value, moral values have been tossed through the window. The cries of “Look at me, Look at me” ring out from every corner of the nation. In the musical sector we can hear and see, look at me look at me, my dick is in my hand, look at me look at me, my vagina fat and I can ride it, ride it, look at me look at me, come sit on my face and I will never be replaced, Unhornable.

azman 4

I keep asking myself how we got here. Are people of straw all we are able to produce now? Is this what our education is doing for us? Producing puppets made of straw, unable to stand on any form of substance? The sad thing about this is that it is the younger people who will be lapping this up and spitting it out in words and deeds.  Another sad thing is the other people of straw who want to be seen in a good social light, friends with everyone and who will dig deep into their academic intellectuality and find ways to condone and justify and even encourage this song.  These same people will complain about this type of song, but now it is friend singing it, so they turn a blind eye and deaf ear.

azman 5

A straw nation is what we are seemingly building. A nation where being free does not mean controlling our economic and cultural destiny but means following everyone else and producing the grease that allows the smooth intercourse that our anal cavity seems to be craving.

azman 3

What is my 16 year old daughter to take away from this song which she must have already heard? What are the lil men coming up to think? Must we keep in seriousness or in jest reducing our women to sexual objects all the flipping time? Can we not find anything to sing about our women that is not sexual? Are our sisters so shallow and straw filled that oral sex will win their faithfulness and devotion? Don’t we have even enough of degrading our women in music?

azman 6

People free to write and sing what they please and people have the right to let people know how disgusted they are by it. Listen, give your thumbs up or down and leave a comment.

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  1. My first thoughts when I heard the song were similar to this article’s sentiment. I said “*stupse* Here we go again!”. I had no patience for it all, and turned it off at the chorus. I quickly glimpsed at the number of views and noticed that of the songs featured on the YouTube column to the right of the YouTube page, this song had the most views (even though it had only been posted 4 days prior). I’m not impressed by the sellout for the lowest common denominator of a topic, but I know that bajans will rally towards it generally. But I think I’ve pretty much given up shouting.

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