Ila Iwa …. Rastafari Indigenous Village

I was most privileged to visit the Rastafari Indigenous Village on the 10th April 2016. The space was very relaxing and filled with positive energy. The journey from getting off the bus to the village was in itself a spiritual one. We were first instructed on what the journey to the village would entail and what we could expect to see on arrival.

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Before we could get to the village we had to cross a river. We were urged to pay respect to the dirty of the river Oshun as we crossed. This was refreshing to see our Rastafari guide, a young woman reasoning to us about this deity and our Afrikan spirituality as it relates to nature.

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IMG_20160410_130034[1] After crossing the river we spiralled our way upwards to the village, where on entering it seemed we had just entered into another world. What would first greet us on entrance to village we the Fire Key.

About the Fire Key …… The Fire Key is lighted with the reciting of seven Psalms: 1) Psalm 68; 2) Psalm 2; 3) Psalm 83; 4) Psalm 94; 5) Psalm 20; 6) Psalm 11; 7) Psalm 9. It is the duty of every brethren to prepare wood for this fire, which is consuming fire for all evildoers irrespective of race, colour or creed. No garbage, waste or refuse should be thrown in the Nyahbinghi fire. The fire should bum unceasingly during the days of the Nyahbinghi grounding. The Fire must not be disturbed; no food should be cooked or roasted on this Fire at no time. Both sons and daughters can gather around this fire for warmth or to pour out the judgment on mystery Babylon.

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In this village offered authentic cultural Nyahbinghi livity, it also included another aspect of  other holistic practice, Yoga.


This village is a very good space for education on Rastafari and a model on the realities of what a space such as this is able to accomplish.

It was good fortune for me that on the day of my visit to the village, that  young Reggae entertainer was to perform there.

Ila Awi 1 Ila Awi 2

ila awi 4  Stay with us for a tour around Rastafari Indigenous Village.

Remember the AHF is seeking recording equipment to better facilitate the development in quality of our information sharing. If you can donate a small recording machine and, or a camera it would be very appreciated

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