Invitation To Attend AHF General Meeting.

The African Heritage Foundation (AHF) invites you to attend its first quarterly general meeting for 2020. This will take place on Sunday 26th January at  the AHF’s headquarters, located on Upper Two Mile Hill. It starts at 4pm and will conclude at 7pm.

The Agenda:
1. Registration and overview of AHF By-Laws.
2. Media creation and membership building.
3. Cannabis advocacy the court case and rally.
4. Community food security initiative/backyard agriculture.
5. Business initiatives, including fundraisers and events for the year/ planning a calendar of activities for 2020.
6. Homeschool development and youth initiatives.
7. Open discussion.

What is the AHF, and what are its mandates? The AHF is a charitable pan-African, non-governmental, grass-roots, community organization. The mandates of the African Heritage Foundation are:

 to establish a universal comradery among people of African descent and promote the spirit of pride and love in the African race

 to work for better conditions in all communities that are heavily populated by people of African descent

 to create a sustainable economic foundation for people of African descent

 to provide various types of assistance for upcoming businesses owned by people of African descent

 to facilitate a high level of exposure for our businesses and culturally relevant artists

 to conduct global commercial and industrial trade for the good of our people

 to focus on African culture, philosophies and heritage

 to establish educational programmes for the racial and cultural re-education of the people

 to host social events that have educational value

 to develop social care programmes for our elders and young people in the community

 to provide community based assistance in areas related to the mandate of this organisation

 to reclaim the fallen in our society who have historically been neglected

 to administer to and assist the needy

 to assist Africa in its development and quest for unity

2020 marks the 5th year of the AHF’s existence, and on Sunday we will be reviewing the work that the organization has done, and is presently doing, in relation to these mandates.

The AHF seeks to increase its membership, so that we can better address our community’s needs through the fulfilling of the above mandates. As such you are invited to join the AHF.

To join the AHF you are required to fill out a registration form and pay $10. Monthly dues are $20.  Payment of membership dues is the main responsibility of membership in AHF and shall entitle members to receive benefits, notices and other materials as determined by the executive body. Members have the option of paying their dues weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. Weekly payments may be made at any time during the week. Monthly payments must be made within the first week of each month. Quarterly payments shall be payable within the first week of each quarter. The start of each AHF quarter shall be January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1. Annual payments shall be made within the first month of the member’s registration date.

This article concludes with some insight into the working structure being created by the organization. To effectively carry out the mandates of the AHF, the Foundation is organized in several operational divisions, called Operational Orders (OOs), each focused on a particular business, educational, social or cultural function. Each OO shall function independently.

Increased membership gives the charity the ability to operate each OO to its fullest potential.

Many Barbadians are of the opinion that governance through parliamentary representation as being manifested today, is not as effective as it should be in meeting the needs of the people. As such to ensure a better quality of life for ourselves and our upcoming generations, we must resort to community organization and self governance.

Join the AHF and help with the creation of effective community organizing and self governance.

Can you afford to set aside $20 to help ourselves, help ourselves at present, and in the future. Our Children Are Looking At The Example We Will Set!

Fb event page for meeting …

Contact the AHF at 246 – 260 4795 or email

International membership welcome.




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