Invitation To Online Reasoning About Cannabis, Constitutional And Human Rights

The African Heritage Foundation in its activism and advocacy directed toward the legal access for all adult Barbadians to the cannabis plant, has created its own cannabis justice working group called “Cannabis Barbados”.

It must be noted that cannabis justice as envisioned by “Cannabis Barbados”, includes a revolution of related information/education, traditional medicinal use and business.



Traditional and Spiritual Use Explained – Cannabis Council of the Eastern Cape


On Monday 7th September at 8pm, “Cannabis Barbados” will host an online discussion forum that is entitled ” Cannabis Legalization A Matter Of Constitutional And Human Rights “. You are invited.

In attendance will be Mr. Paul Rock, better know by many as Ras Simba (Masimba). Masimba is a member of the Rastafari community in Barbados, and founder of The African Heritage Foundation. On the 5th November 2020, Masimba will enter into the Barbadian courts of law, to challenge the Attorney General of Barbados, and by extension his government on their continued violations of his (Rastafari), and by extension all Barbadians, constitutional and human rights.


Ras Simba wants AG to allow ganja use for all | Loop News


Masimba’s legal council and other lawyers that support their action will also be in attendance contributing to the reasoning on the issue at hand.

Cannabis Barbados intends that this forum educates its attendee’s on the constitutional and human rights of those who utilize the cannabis plant, that in the event of unjust arrests for possession or cultivation, persons may also challenge the prosecution on the legality of the arrest based on their rights.

This is the first in a series of related activities that are intended to better inform Barbadians on various aspects of the cannabis plant within its traditional and cultural usages, locally and globally.

Members of the media are also invited to attend.

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Meeting Information:

Topic: Cannabis Legalization- A Matter of Constitutional & Human Rights!
Discussion: In the eyes of the Law is the RasTafari person treated differently to non-RasTfari persons? Do you know your constitutional & human rights?
Meeting ID: 842 4512 6652
Passcode: 943793
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