KEEP ON! Emancipation Day Celebrations 2020

This where the people of African descent, and those fighting for liberation. gathered to give thanks and praises to those who fought and paved the way for our Emancipation.

It was a gathering of the Old Guard. The Mighty Gabby said, each year he looks around at those gathered to honour those who honoured us by fighting for us, and he sees the same faces. His interpretation of this was not a lack of growth, but a show of commitment by the few. These are the ones who keep on, keeping on in the tradition of recognizing and celebrating Emancipation Day.

As per normal, apart from pan Africanist David Comissiong, Minister John King was the only person from the government that saw it fit to attend the traditional celebration of Emancipation Day at the Bussa/ Emancipation Monument. One would think that as African descended people, the politicians who govern Barbados would attend such a celebration, not in their official capacity as members of parliament, but as Black People who understand and give thanks for our emancipation and the contributions of their ancestors within this light. Not even sure if Brother John was there officially or not. Is Nelson still standing?

The message on Emancipation Day 2020 is, “keep on keeping on”. Hold the course and steady the ship of African Liberation. Emancipation day is a day to honour of ancestors, remember their contributions, and reaffirm ourselves under the banner of the fight for African Liberation.

Some images and videos taken by African Heritage Foundation members who were in attendance at the Emancipation Day celebrations 2020.

Let us never forget who we are, where we are, what and who we intend to be.

Israel Lovell Foundation Drummers





Emancipation Day Riders. They rode from Bayley’s Plantation to Bussa. The riders made three laps around the Emancipation Monument in respect for the general, and in contribution to the ceremony that was honouring our ancestors who answered the bell of African Liberation.

Pass it on!

Elder and ever honourable Trevor Prescod

The African Heritage Foundation hopes you enjoyed this little photo and video gallery of Emancipation Day celebrations 2020 in Barbados.

Walk Good!

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