Kenya: Social Media Users Call for ‘Responsible Dressing’ As #mydressmychoice Demo Kicks Off

Photo: Victor Ndula/The Star

Prize-winning The Star cartoonist Victor Ndula’s reacts to the stripping of a woman in Nairobi, apparently because of the way she was dressed.

By Eugene Okumu

Activists on Monday morning assemled at the Freedom Corner of Uhuru Park ready to kick-off the #MyDressMyChoice march to protest the undressing of a woman allegedly by touts last Week in Nairobi.

The demonstration was organised through popular social media sites Facebook and Twitter to make a stand against what has been termed as targeted violence against women.


Even as the demonstrations are set to kick off however, there is yet another trending topic that has been started as a counter to the #MyDressMyChoice rallying hashtag.

Social media users who are of a different opinion are voicing their point of view over the incident using the #NudityIsNotMyChoice hashtag.

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Some social media users are of the opinion that while dressing is a choice, it is not a license to dress inappropriately.

Others argued that decent dressing does not invite negative attention and as such people should be well aware that their attire will elicit reactions depending on its decency.


Your dress your choice… but you still gotta ask your friend how your dress looks on you. RIGHT? #nudityisnotmychoice #MyDressMyChoice

— Chris Yoga (@YogaOkal) November 17, 2014

@Shawa04 @EstherPassaris demand your respect by dressing decent if not please walk nude fear not #NudityIsNotMyChoice

— walvine (@walvine) November 17, 2014

FYI those in support My mum doesn’t wear minis neither my sisters, so don’t tell me ‘it could be your sister or mother’ #Nudityisnotmychoice

— Kenney Mboya (@Kenney_Mboya) November 17, 2014

To be honest i have never seen a woman stripped naked for being decent. #NudityIsNotMyChoice

— Shazmida (@shaz_darling) November 17, 2014

There is a reason why a new born baby is covered immediately after birth, what does a 50year old woman wanna show us? #NudityIsNotMyChoice

— Shazmida (@shaz_darling) November 17, 2014

Others have questioned whether the #MyDressMyChoice movement applies to all women, or whether it is a partial application.

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Some users have asked whether the rule would apply to househelps in the same way as the #MyDressMyChoice campaign is pushing for women to be allowed to dress as they please.

The question of morals around dressing have also come up with the #NudityIsNotMyChoice hashtag with users asking whether a scantily dressed woman would make a good wife.

If u can’t trust ua Nani in scantily dress near ua hubby, y try force it into us.Beauty hs neva bn abt showin too much #NudityIsNotMyChoice

— *Odojonson* (@OdongoBlake) November 17, 2014

women who dresses scantily are only good for dating,not a wife material.if u have one better be on a shopping spree #NudityIsNotMyChoice

— jeremmy mboga (@JMboga) November 16, 2014

#NudityIsNotMyChoice I’m so sadden when our leaders support what is not right,very soon our ladies will start walking naked .

— George Kogolah (@gkogolah) November 16, 2014

Other social media users have questioned the #MyDressMyChoice hashtag along traditional cultural lines and have posed the question whether liberal dressing where parents are involved would still apply.

If u cant wear that skirt infront of ur dad, then don’t walk with it out in the streets. #NudityIsNotMyChoice

— You Only Luo Once ™ (@msudi_msudi) November 16, 2014

Am shocked that even leaders are supporting moral decay in a society!! Let DP dress his wife and children half naked!! #NudityIsNotMyChoice

— Shazmida (@shaz_darling) November 17, 2014

#NudityisNotmyChoice #mydressmychoice Enyewe wakati mwingine DP Ruto huwa anaongea Matope…Am damn sure his children never walk half naked

— TotaL Man (@The_Fazul) November 17, 2014

@RAYRaymondONEMA while I dn’t want ANY1 to even touch my sister, GF, MOTHER,I WISH THEY DRESS DECENTLY!#MyDressMyChoice #NudityIsNotMyChoice

— RAYdelRey (@RAYRaymondONEMA) November 17, 2014

_73226877_unnamed miniskirt

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