African Heritage Foundation Business Directory

The African Heritage Foundation Business Directory is a free online service offered to members of the Foundation. This online service lists the many diverse products, services and talents of our members. For a mere contribution of 50 cents daily members are provided with an avenue for business growth through promotion in the AHF Business Directory. The AHF Directory offers members a full feature on their respective businesses with images and prices. Contact information for the respective businesses is provided so the potential customers/clients may conduct their affairs directly with them. Should a business in our listing require our assistance, the AHF will act as the facilitator for that particular business transaction. The AHF has members that are not online and as such we will ensure that their businesses are not deprived of any opportunity for international, regional and more local exposure and sales.

Members are encouraged to support the businesses of fellow members to ensure their growth and viability. In turn AHF members with businesses are asked to give their fellow members discounted prices on their products and services. In this arrangement everyone benefits.

The members of the AHF thank you for your support and do look forward to your business.