Are you having problems getting it up? Are you given to premature ejaculation or/and firing blanks? Are you finding it difficult putting your wife in the family way?

A new study published in BioMed Research International has unveiled plants used for improvement of sexual performance and virility.

Here are a few the plants and their usages in treating sexual dysfunctions in men.

 Plants, which increase the quantity of semen or stimulate the production of semen

 Roscoea procera

sex plants no 2 sex plants no 2. 1

sex plants no 2. 2

 Polygonatum verticillatum

sex plants no 3 sex plants no 3.1

sex plants no 3.2

 Mucuna pruriens (Velvet bean)

sex plants no 4 sex plants no 4.2

velvet bean mucuna Mucuna (pruriens) used for pain and diabetes Liparamba DG.AFR1

Asparagus racemosus.

sex plants no 5 sex plants no 5.1

sex plants no 5.2

Plants, which purify and improve the quality of semen for example,

Saussurea lappa,

sex plants 6 sex plants 6.1

sex plants 6.2

Myrica nagi,

sex plants 7 sex plants 7 1

sex plants 7 2

Sesamum indicum (sesame),

sex plants 8 sex plants 8.1

sex plants 8.2

Vetiveria zizanioides,

sex plants 9 sex plants 9.1

sex plants 9.2

Anthocephalus cadamba.

sex plants 10 sex plants 10.1

Plants, which improve ejaculatory functions for example,

Strychnos nux vomica,

sex plants 11.1

sex plants 11.2

Cannabis sativa (marijuana),

sex plants 12 sex plants 12.1

sex plants 12.2

Myristica fragrans (nutmeg),

sex plants 13 sex plants 13.1

sex plants 13.2

Cassia occidentalis (stinking weed).

sex plants 14 sex plants 14.1

sex plants 14.2

Drugs delaying the time of ejaculation or improving ejaculatory performance for example,

Sida cordifolia,

sex plants 15 sex plants 15.1

sex plants 15.2

Asparagus racemosus, ( Shown before)

Cinnamomum tamala,

sex plants 16 sex plants 16.1

sex plants 16.2

Anacyclus pyrethrum,

sex plants 17 sex plants 17. 1

sex plants 17. 2

Mucuna pruriens, and Cannabis sativum ( Shown before)

 Drugs arousing sexual desire,

Withania somnifera,

sex plants 18 sex plants 18.1

sex plants 18.2

Asparagus racemosus, (Shown Before)

Datura stramonium (Jimsonweed),

sex plants 19 sex plants 19.1

sex plants 19.2

Anacyclus pyrethrum, (Shown Before)

Hibiscus abelmoschus

sex plants 20 sex plants 20.1

sex plants 20.2


sex plants 21 sex plants 21.1

sex plants 21.2


sex plants 22 sex plants 22.1

sex plants 22.2

I do hope this article was informative and helpful to you.

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