Prettying Up My Prison

Barbados is now a Republic, HOORAY ? ….. NO, I DON’T THINK SO !

I sat here in my prison’s courtyard and beheld the excitement of other inmates, guards, wardens and all manner of prison staff bustling about ” Prettying Up My Prison”, for the big ousting of British royalty as the prison’s head controller . I took a walk to the recreation room where I sometimes go and watch cultural performances by prisoners who were learned to the hilt about the history of the prison, and those before us who dared to try and escape. They would tell of how these men and women paved the way for the allowances we had in the prison today. These same orators of prison history were busy getting ready for the celebrations. What does a change in this prison’s “head” spell out for me the prisoner? As far as I see it, nothing.


Barbados declares itself a republic, cutting colonial-era ties with Britain and Queen Elizabeth II - CBS News


In my mind, this is how I see my existence today just days after Barbados became a Republic; I got up this morning and said to myself, I was a criminal under the Union Jack and I remain a criminal under the republic of Barbados. Oh what a grey day for Rastafari in Barbados; as the rest of the society celebrated freedom from the British Crown,  my religious rights were and are still denied to me without regard, and with disdain. But who cares? Certainly not the “Woman In Red”.



Some argue that my religious right to use cannabis, and my right to use the plant in a traditional manner for health purposes is not of great significance at this time; we have more important things to address they say, listing economic stability, a leadership crisis, dictatorial rule, the rise of the homosexuality, the removal of God in Barbados, vaccine hesitancy, safe zones, societal divisions and more. However, it is the principle of the issue that is of importance in this matter. It goes without saying, that if the government, could admit openly on the floor of parliament to willfully violating the human and constitutional rights of the Rastafari community, by denying them legal access to the cannabis plant, then continue to do so without consequence, then this is an issue as important as any other.


Rastafari Coalition | Newsroom


I was asked a couple nights ago prior to the big doflicky if I knew any Rastafari youth who would participate in some aspect of the Republic celebrations. Without thinking I said no. I did not even want to try to think of a youth I could suggest. As far as I was concerned, no “REAL” Rastafari man, woman or child should be involved in any Republic celebration activities as it would be akin to prettying up your prison cell for the benefit of others. I thought to myself, the audacity of the government’s foot soldiers to even think of asking Rastafari to assist in the Republic show, song and dance. But I am sure for a penny and a chance to get in UNCLE’s good book, some Mickey Mouse/Minnie Mouse individual having a form of Rastafari took part betraying the Back Power, Freedom Fighting, Liberty Seeking foundation of the Rastafari movement. Garvey, Howell, Hibbert, Browne, and a host of our ancestors must be flinging down a cuss word or two in abject disgust for the weak spineless, no backbone, numbskull bowing down of these sell outs.


Rihanna and Prince Charles the Night Barbados Celebrates Becoming a Republic


Just because they are black do not think them to be better than the old slave masters. Remember the history of women Prime Ministers in the region. Someone mentioned the ” Dread Act”? The Prohibited and Unlawful Societies and Associations Act, also known as The Dread Act, was a 1974 Dominica law that was designed to combat Rastafari. According to the law, adherents of Rastafari wearing their hair in dreadlocks were subject to arrest without a warrant, were not permitted bail and could be held without charges for at least 48 hours. The law also prohibited the prosecution of any individual who killed or injured a “Dread” inside a place of residence. As a result of the act, Dominica residents and law enforcement were granted immunity from prosecution for assaulting or murdering Rastafarians. During the years the act was in effect, Rastafarians were arrested, beaten and killed. A woman Prime Minister did that!

Massa said I was a percentage of a human, the BLP under a woman treats me like I am a percentage of a human when they deny me my access to God through nature. The BLP of today in my mind has effectuated the most openly deceptive disdain and insulting attitude and behaviour to the Rastafari community ever seen in Barbados. Past administrations did not like me and let me know it, it no uncertain terms. This administration pretends to like me while undermining me. Some Rastas have taken the bait and unknowingly fought against themselves, which is like shooting one’s self in the foot. There will always be the traitor and there will always be the liberator. What will Barbados being a Republic mean to Rastafari? When our Ganja fields continued to be looted by the government forces for legal crime (Police), and we continue to be fined or locked up for a little Ganja, then a status of Republic means absolutely nothing. This is a law they maintain, to keep me a criminal and a prisoner in Barbados.

Other prisoners used to sit and talk about revolution with me. They talked of standing with me for justice and the liberation of the ganja prisoner. Now I sit and watch them prettying up the prison, and some their personal cells to impress and fall in line.

Marcus Garvey said that Barbados would be worse than Jamaica. I am seeing that this is going to be the case, because we have leadership that sees and interprets history as a mere academic exercise, and not a guide to the future. They know nothing of ‘SANKOFA’. They have not learned from the Arab domination of Africans, or the European domination of Africans. They will blindly walk us all into Chinese domination, and all that will come with it. They say to China, look we had evicted God and are now Godless just like you, so lets be friends and do business. We can learn Chinese in school but not an African language, go figure!


BIMAP students to learn Chinese language | Loop Barbados


A new Barbados must arise and make itself known. A Barbados that holds its leaders truly accountable and that has had enough of family and friends politics. We must not let a few make us feel we cannot run our own affairs and that we need tricky lawyers and ignorant business people to lead us.

What does the Republic of Barbados mean to you? How will being a Republic make Barbados a better place? Same politicians pre and post Republic, what can we expect to change. Will the Republic signal open season for corruption? The BLP hero or villain for Rastafari?


New republic Barbados names Rihanna as a national hero | Politics News | Al Jazeera

As for RiRi being named a National Hero ……… if left to me I would have given that to C.O.W who did way more for Barbados and Barbadians than RiRi has done or will ever do. I am no C.O.W or RiRi lover, but if truth be told, RiRi, perky nipples and all, is not a good fit for a National Hero, and pales in the light of contributions to Barbados when compared to what Mr. Williams has done, the people he has employed and all that Williams Industry offered and offers Barbadians. Let me repeat, I am no C.O.W lover, but Jack must be given his jacket in this context, as much as RiRi could have used a bra. Lol

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