Protesting Without An Africa Plan, Is Protesting In Vain

There are several Bloggers I like to follow. They present interesting perspectives on issues I find relevant for the empowerment of African and African descended people at home and in the diaspora.

One such Blogger, Vlogger is  Dynast Amir.

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Dynast Amir

The most recent Blog I received from Dynast is entitled, ” Protesting Without An Africa Plan, Is Protesting In Vain “. Its content I thought to be extra interesting; just two or three days ago my partner who was invited to attended the recently held solidarity protest for George Floyd, she asked the invitee, ” after the protest then what?”.

Last week at a Nyabinghi reasoning which I attended, one of the elders said it was time to leave Barbados and go home to Africa. He stressed the point that many are the reasons we should leave ASAP or perish. For Rastafari brothers and sisters, Repatriation is a vision that is wished dearly to be manifested. As such it is something we must diligently work towards.


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Rastafari poster depicting the exodus of our people, and the fall of Babylon.

Dynast’s Blog influenced me to reflect on these two situations in depth, and the questions of financing my own oppression. While Dynast speaks from the space and reality he dwells in, I transposed his reality with that of my own here in Bar-Down (Barbados).


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So taken was I with Dynast’s Blog (one mentioned before), I just felt I had to share it with you.

Dynast’s Blog.

“If you aren’t trying to pull your resources out of America, you will continue to fund your own oppression here in America.”

Dynast Amir with Obadele Kambon in Accra, Ghana


In December of 2018, I had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Obadele Kambon. Obadele is the founder an African centered social networking site. He currently serves as Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of African Studies (IAS) and coordinator of the UGRC African Language Program at the University of Ghana in Accra. During our sit-down, we discussed The future of black people in America and why many of us continue to protest the oppression of black people in America but refuse to leave. “Dynast, black people in America are funding their own oppression, their taxes fund the bullets that cops use to murder us with. Their taxes fund the prison that disproportionately imprisons black people. Their taxes fund the U.S. military that destabilizes countries across the globe, the only option is to leave America.” Dr. Kambon left America for Ghana back in 2008 and has not looked back.

Black people are funding the same oppression that we protest. I say we because even though I hold citizenship in both America and Nigeria, I am still paying U.S. taxes. At my former job at Cintas Corporation, about 25% of my base salary went towards taxes and 40% of my monthly commissions and quarterly bonuses went towards taxes. In this, it is a fact that my tax dollars played a roll in funding American imperialism and the oppression of black people.

American Imperialism | Boundless US History

The issue I have with protest is that when confronting the killings of unarmed black men, there has been a fruitless, consistent pattern that ends with the same lackluster results. Example. An unarmed black man gets killed by the police. 1. Call Benjamin Crump 2. Call Shaun King 3. Accused police officer gets slap on the wrist or no slap at all. 4. The family of the victim reaches a settlement. 5. People stay upset for another month or so after trial 6. All is forgotten as if nothing happened. Rinse. Wash. Repeat. No justice is served and no meaningful changes to the system are made. This cycle will repeat itself once every 3 months.

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These protests have also been sabotaged. This is nothing new, for agents of confusion have been sabotaging protest since the Civil Rights Movement. Fringe groups, with their own selfish, ulterior motives have been infiltrating protest, taking them over and supplanting the original agenda of these protests with their own deceitful agenda. Case in point. Black Lives Matter was created in order to stop the unarmed killing of black men. It has now flipped into an anti-black male, anti-patriarchy, anti-black family movement. Presently, with all of the George Floyd protests sparking nationwide, Antifa and other non-black protestors have been behind the majority of the looting and destruction in these cities. White people riot, black people flip the bill.

The FBI Finds 'No Intel Indicating Antifa Involvement' in Sunday's ...

We have grown black people justifying why the white racist Joe Biden is a better fit to be the supreme lord of black people over white racist Donald Trump. While running errands a couple of days ago, I was listening to the DL Hughley show. Joe Biden had recently made the statement that if you are black and if you don’t vote for him you aren’t black. You have Jim Crow Joe Biden determining what is blackness and what is not and influencers in the black community like DL Hughley are giving him a pass. When asked why Joe Biden gets a pass? The reasons were based in fear, emotion, nothing factual. “Donald Trump enables racist,” DL Hughley said. As if racist have not been enabled since the founding of this country. When has there been a period of time when racist in this country have not felt enabled?

D.L. Hughley Show | Hot 92.9

When you propose that black people should hold their vote until a candidate speaks directly to needs of the black community, or as we say, “No Black Agenda. No Black Vote,” Here comes every excuse on why we have to settle on why we have to choose old white racist white man behind door #1 over old white racist white man behind door #2. The campaign strategy for white Democratic candidates to win the black vote has been to pull bottles of hot sauce out of their bags, play the saxophone on the Arsenio Hall Show and take photos serving Soul Food in the black community. This has been the proven strategy to win the black vote.

Importance of the Black Vote

We have gone from freed black slaves who built the republic of Liberia, a country that set the example of how a black republic should be run, to being reduced to arguments over which old racist white guy is a better fit to lead black people. I just don’t get it. I do not understand the emotional attachment to America when we have shining of examples like Liberia. If freed black slaves, fresh off the plantation, who were dumped in Liberia having to fend for themselves with hardly any assistance can take the initiative to control their own destiny, what is our problem today? Why can’t we do the same?


We have to have an Africa Gameplan. I understand that we have fought in every war in America since the American Revolution. The irony is after the American Revolution we were still slaves. Then after the Civil War we were freed but caught hell during Reconstruction. We fought in World War II. Then black soldiers returning home from WWII, were treated worse than Nazi prisoners of war. Then there’s Jim Crow. The War on Drugs. The School to Prison Pipeline. Redlining. The real estate in black communities is purposely devalued while our white counterparts’ property values get a boost. The net worth of black people in America is estimated to be at 0 by 2053. We don’t control the resources in our own black communities here in America. We integrated our minds and finances into a system and still have to march to demand equality from it. The majority of our time spent here in America, we have faced racial terrorism. But still, after all of this many of us still have an emotional attachment to this country in which I don’t understand. Yes, I understand that our ancestors built this country, but we do not control any of it.

Black Star Line | History Detectives | PBS

We don’t have a lifetime to continue fight them. On the rate that we are going, we are going to spend another 400 years fighting. What is the definition of insanity? Continuing to do the same thing and expecting a different outcome. This is why it’s time to look outside of the borders of America and build in Africa. I know Africa has its own set of problems, for I’m not denying that. But in the words of my friend Lue Major, “America is a Ferrari. White men set the GPS, they control the radio, they control the A/C and the heat and black people ride in the trunk. We aren’t even in the passenger seat anymore. Africa might be viewed as a beat-up Honda Accord, but it’s our Honda Accord. We can trick it out how we like and we drive it where we want and how fast and how slow as we want.” The time is now is. Take your American dollar and flip it in Africa.

Dynast Abefe Adewale Amir is connecting the diaspora to Africa through art, commerce, media, and culture. The Omo Oba of Ororuwo, Nigeria.

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