Rastafari In Barbados Answer To This Call.

Rastafari in Barbados answer to this call;

See this program set before you like a mighty wall;

Put your backbone to your brothers and sisters beneath the Red, Gold and Green

Africa is calling InI home.

Community development as being initiated through the National Rastafari Registry Secretariat and Trust (NRRST), gives individuals, mansions and organizations of Rastafari the opportunity to take action and address issues within InI community.

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“It is both the responsibility of the governor as well as elders to create harmony among the people in initiating them to discuss their common problems and work towards the problems and the betterment of their standard of living.”
Haile Selassie I

Problems ranging from economic to social, environmental to cultural can help to rebuild inequitable systems that leave certain demographic populations isolated, marginalized, and without access to important resources vital to living efficiently and successfully. Rastafari must continuously find solutions that benefit the community, and enact collective action to empower individuals, mansions and organization to support and improve lives in the Rastafari community.

Rastafari community development through the NRRST will involve collaborating with various stakeholders with different (and sometimes conflicting) goals to create solutions that work. Successful and progressive Rastafari brothers and sisters in this field are comfortable navigating complex problems, thinking creatively and holistically about problems, and identifying and gaining consensus on cross-sector solutions. If you tend to avoid conflict and opposition, or prefer to work only with people just like you, you may want to explore other fields.


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Community development addresses issues resulting from deep-rooted problems that require systemic change. That change doesn’t happen overnight, and outside factors may force you to adjust your course along the way. If you’re considering registering with the NRRST, you should be comfortable with small wins over giant leaps forward, and navigating an unclear paths. The journey of a million miles starts with the first step.

As the NRRST develops, a wide range of career paths, requiring a variety of skills and education will be needed to succeed in the overall development and empowerment of the Rastafari community.


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The NRRST is housed within the framework an office of Rastafari affairs. That office is designed as a Development Trust. It manages a member based system that offers benefits to the wider local Rastafari community and has specific advantages for all Rastafari mansions and organizations.

Guided by its Trustees, the NRRST  will create its own modes of development within the trust. The NRRST is concerned with the regeneration of Rastafari as a nation, is not for private or personal gain, aiming for long term sustainability. It is Rastafari community based, transparent with a high level of accountability.


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Trusts offer considerable benefits. However, for trusts to be successful, they require a well planned start up process and considerable support during their early years.

The structure of development trusts

The NRRST will be a company limited by guarantee with charitable status. Profits cannot be distributed to members, but must be used for the further benefit of the local community. The membership of the NRRST trust is drawn from the Barbadian Rastafari community, residing on or off the island

The intended governance of the NRRST will be made up of representatives from all the various Rastafari mansions and organizations, with representation for Rastafari that are non affiliated to any of the two.

The board is the policy-making body of the NRRST, and is unpaid. Paid staff will be employed to carry out the day-to-day operations of the NRRST. The staff of the NRRST will be managed by a Rastafari Secretary General. All involved in the management and governance of the NRRST must adhere to the constitutional rules that govern it.


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The NRRST will obtain revenue to fund its operations and activities from grant income (to a lesser extent) ,trading income and membership contributions. Core funding (for staff and running costs) will be derived from the NRST. Private sector sponsorship might be obtained, including help in kind (equipment, materials). Charitable funding will be sought for specific projects.

It is crucial in these times of social separations that the Rastafari community organize itself to effect a high level of self sustainability within a modern progress model of development. It cost you 50cents a daily or $10 monthly or $120 yearly to be registered with this office of Rastafari, and make your contribution to the overall development of the Rastafari community. 

Time is against InI as this wicked and corrupt system plans on forcing vaccines on InI through social, educational and financial ostracizing. InI must enact InI own education system, food banks, construction companies, trading cooperation’s,  natural health care facilities and space to care for InI babies and elders. These are but a few of the institutions InI need to have in InI community and your involvement in the NRRST is the way to achieve these goals.

To register with or for more information about the NRRST call or whatsapp 268 -7084 and reason with Akoma.

National Rastafari Registry, Secretariat and Trust (NRRST)

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