Realities of Repatriation Series Pt 4

PREPARATION for making REPATRIATION a REALITY is done on various levels, and is on-going in its present state.

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Truly it is a Sankofa journey in which as you leave your birthplace of captivity and head forward to a distant yet familiar past. The journey begins in the mind within the inner depths of you. We constantly feel drawn to those faraway shores; yet ponder what we will face upon arrival?  This pondering can lead to fear and reservations, or it can drive a person to make the physical journey to an unknown home. However, preparation is financial, mental, emotional, physical, metaphysical, and etc.

The timing of this preparation could not be more profound, prophetic, and prolific now than ever. It requires more detailed planning, strength, faith and ACTION. It is clear not everyone will be willing, or have already given up on the possibilities of a physical trod to Africa. However, there are a courageous few whom are will make the move on a very tangible level.

Additionally, there are those whom will make a conscious effort to invest more in assisting projects and needy populations on the continent consistently as we consider the greater African good and the importance of relationship building on the motherland and abroad. It still requires on-going dialogue that is based on the ever-changing social tapestry and political and financial climate globally and on African soil.


HISTORY: History of the African American repatriation movements to Liberia, Sierra Leon, and Haiti. | Neo-Griot


There is a vulnerability that exists when an individual or family decides to dedicate their life to residing on the continent and reclaiming their fundamental birth right. It is not for the faint hearted, close minded, egoistical, overly idealistic, nor impatient types. Relocation and resettlement is a HUMBLING experience. It is also an opportunity for a person to reinvent themselves and/or get grounded into their true life’s purpose. Yet it should be taken into account that this could take a significant amount of time to occur depending on how much effort a person puts in, and if they have a reliable network of social support.

African Diasporans definitely need to be supportive of each other during this life-changing process. However, a person will hear their fair share of naysayers as they prepare for the journey to come home, or even as they focus more on investing on the continent. Marcus Garvey’s quotes and speeches remind us that the “crab in barrel mentality” greatly hinders our collaborative and cooperative processes. However, it is sad that many Pan-Africanist leaders, and Social Justice advocates (both on the diaspora and on the continent) during the 20th and 21st century, could not and cannot get beyond the talking of ideas, and move into the practical implication of assisting each other for the betterment of our African plight globally, and in particular on the continent. We talk African centred ideals, but how much are we willing to do unselfishly for our African people and our African family unit?  


SENEGAL/MOROCCO : Dakar, Rabat, in diplomatic spat over Covid-19 repatriation flights - 27/07/2020 - Africa Intelligence


We have vicious cycles that are plaguing our continental and global progress such as post-traumatic slavery syndrome, neo-colonialism, violence, gender inequality and gender imbalance, lack of economic empowerment, sexual exploitation of our black women, lack of infrastructures to support and encourage positive black male role models, nutritional genocide, limited ethical African-centred cooperative financial systems, tribalism, classism,  lack of self-love and self-esteem, challenges with intimacy, fundamental distrust of the good intentions of the next black person, and etc. Therefore, we cannot come to Africa thinking we will not face the same issues on the continent that we face where we presently reside. A huge part of preparation is being aware that you will face these very same issues on the continent; just under different social constructs.  Most likely the greater challenge will also be preparing yourself for using the continent as a purging ground and/or a re-birthing of your own enlightened African self. Likewise, as this is occurring, there is no safety net as a person faces numerous and on-going life changes while living on the continent. An African Diasporan is viewed as an immigrant or tourist with skills not a repatriate.


Repatriation – State of Africa Diaspora


Yet, these new life experiences on the continent can greatly build resiliency and self-efficacy. It can also foster and promote collective security especially as individuals and families realize no provisions are made for African Diasporans as the “returned kidnapped ancestral royals” that most of us are….this meaning that there is a need for us to be more concerned in a very genuine and practical way for each other as we prepare to visit, invest, or reside on the continent. Advocacy must continue around African Diasporan  rights, settlement, and restorative justice.

The cooperation between the African Diasporans globally including those on the continent along with our fellow conscious and innovative continental Africans will definitely assist in this effort. Linking with those of common interests and working towards a common good while fostering collective security is the most ideal, especially between now and the next several years ahead.



This and the following five years will be extremely intense as African people will be faced with numerous battles. So choose your battles and your battleground wisely. Discourage the internal conflicts and let us focus on the common goals and be watchful of infiltrators and petty non-progressive types. Remember that even in the presence of lockdowns “adversity” is working overtime. Let us not be our own stumbling blocks, but proceed with progress. Many non-African investors, business entities, health providers, and peer support groups are still flourishing by using technology and other creative means to continue towards collective preservation. We as Africans must not delay in such times, but strive to be more action-orientated.

This is the time to be on a higher vibration physically, mentally, and spiritually/metaphysically. The battle is only just beginning, especially for all persons of African descent who love their freedom. We cannot overemphasize the importance of good health in such times which is an absolute necessity not only when coming to the continent, but for on-going sustainability on the continent.


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Overall optimal physical and mental health along with being knowledgeable about how to maintain them on the continent is essential. This is not only because of what is currently happening in the world right now, but because health has always been an on-going issue within the African context. Africa is one of the world’s largest continents with 54 countries having a history of various health-related issues that include epidemics, environmental and climate change, adverse medical experimentation, modernized health systems lacking client-centred care, high costs for quality healthcare, effective local herbal and naturopathic remedies, organic local cooperative farming initiatives, and etc.

While time is infinite; action is needed now. In African time that is now now.


Let’s begin the dialogues both on the African continent and in the African Diaspora. Preparation time is NOW. Repatriation is our ancestral and universal birthright.

Written by Empress Busi

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