Samson On The Wall: I sit in my heaven

Today I am simply going to share with you some of my morning meditations. In my daily search for inspiration to stand firm on my journey to continue in the tradition of great freedom fighters, I often seek strength and guidance in the words and actions of great women and men who stood in defense of all humanity through their individual and collective efforts to liberate all African people and their descendants internationally.

Stand up strong!

“For man to know himself is for him to feel that for him there is no human master. For him Nature is his servant, and whatsoever he wills in Nature, that shall be his reward. If he wills to be a pigmy, a serf or a slave, that shall he be. If he wills to be a real man in possession of the things common to man, then he shall be his own sovereign. When man fails to grasp his authority he sinks to the level of the lower animals, and whatsoever the real man bids him do, even as if it were of the lower animals, that much shall he do. If he says “go.” He goes. If he says “come,” he comes. By this command he performs the functions of life even as by a similar command the mule, the horse, the cow performs the will of their masters. For the last four hundred years the Negro has been in the position of being commanded even as the lower animals are controlled. Our race has been without a will; without a purpose of its own, for all this length of time.

Because of that we have developed few men who are able to understand the strenuousness of the age in which we live. Where can we find in this race of ours real men?  Men of character, men of purpose, men of confidence, men of faith, men who really know themselves? I have come across so many weaklings who profess to be leaders, and in the test I have found them but the slaves of a nobler class. They perform the will of their masters without question. To me, a man has no master but God. Man in his authority is a sovereign lord. As for the individual man, so of the individual race. This feeling makes man so courageous, so bold, as to make it impossible for his brother to intrude upon his rights.

So few of us can understand what it takes to make a man – the man who will never say die; the man who will never give up; the man who will never depend upon others to do for him what he ought to do for himself; the man who will not blame God, who will not blame Nature, who will not blame Fate for his condition; but the man who will go out and make conditions to suit himself. Oh, how disgusting life becomes when on every hand you hear people (who bear your image, who bear your resemblance) telling you that they cannot make it, that Fate is against them, that they cannot get a chance. If 400,000,000 Negroes can only get to know themselves, to know that in them is a sovereign power, is an authority that is absolute, then in the next twenty-four hours we would have a new race, we would have a nation, an empire, – resurrected, not from the will of others to see us rise, – but from our own determination to rise, irrespective of what the world thinks.” Marcus Garvey.

Samson on the Wall. My Meditation. 2

In the light of recent advances in Barbados by one class/race of people advancing to further establish private monopolies on services that are essential to our daily living, with the assistance of black masks who continually fail to stand as men and women, people would do well to think about the words of Marcus Garvey and ask some serious questions of self. What is done to us it what we allow! The Black man has been constantly accused of selling his brothers and sisters into slavery. It would seem this accusation is set to be validated by the actions of political parties that have yet to prove themselves as men and women. Our backs are against the wall! The only solution to what faces Barbados is the organizing of collective, effective, defined and targeted national protest action through the reclaiming of our people power.  This action cannot be government organized it must come from the people.

My meditation, my interpretation, my overstanding!

Psalm 11 as it speaks to me.

For the director of music. Of David. Of the warrior and the oppressed.

In my knowledge of self as a man I take refuge.
You cannot you say to me:
“Flee like a bird to your mountain.

For look, the wicked bend their bows;
they set their arrows against the strings to shoot from the shadows at good people, poor people, my people.

If we allow the foundations of justice and equality to be destroyed,
what then can we do?”

In my knowledge of self I stand in my holy temple;
I, in my higher meditation sit in my heavens of thought.
I, observe everyone; my consciousness examines them, it examines me.

I love all, but the wicked, those who create mass social violence by organizing poverty and ignorance for personal gain, I hate with a passion.

On the wicked I will rain fiery coals and burning sulfur of social protest founded on revolutionary thought; a scorching wind of change will be their lot and the people will be their judges.

For in my knowledge of self I love justice; the upright will fight on against the forces of oppression.

Walk Good.



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