Samson On The Wall …. Keep Calm: Education Revolution In Progress.

Last night, The African Heritage Foundation (AHF) working group tasked with developing a curriculum acceptable to the Ministry of Education had its first meeting. One of the attendees who runs a small school, Sister Nailah, presented the group with a curriculum guide for Class 3 (for 9-10 year olds). This curriculum guide should be appropriate for the younger child, Isartesibre Sirine, of the Lashley family charged for not registering and sending their children to school. Sister Nailah will work on the curriculum guide for the older child, Ijuijah Sifahne, who is 12, and should have this ready for review by the working group by Tuesday next week. The working group will develop templates for all age groups that will be made available to all who wish to home school their children in the future.

Once the curriculum guides have been agreed and are acceptable by the Ministry of Education, the working group will turn its focus to the development of a home schooling system that will also be made available to families who wish to home school. Discussed at the meeting was the use of Individual Educational Plans, which are plans tailored for each child and will be structured based on the child’s specific interests, abilities and learning style. The working group will also work towards the design and creation of an African Heritage Academy. The idea of an African centred school is nothing new in all arenas of Pan African thought; yet it remains a major challenge to accomplish. The AHF is aiming to change this.

It would seem that with victory looming in Court for the Lashley family, a movement has been born. I say this because in the dynamics of the creation of any movement, the few lead the many, while at the same time there are many supporting and protecting the marginalised, as we see in this situation. I also see a combination of elders and youth gathered with a united vision and resolve to accomplish the task at hand. As the meeting concluded last night, a sense of purpose and duty could be felt around the room. Although we are now starting on the journey, the impending victory of the Rastafari family against what is unanimously agreed to be a failing education system has triggered a call to action, not only to address this particular situation or even to highlight publically the failing of the existing system, but also to create a system to replace it.

AHF Curriculum Building Working Group.2

Every revolution has a trigger component and all the signs are on the wall as the golden pen writes. The winds of change are blowing. Can you feel them?

The AHF has its bi weekly meeting on Thursday, October 20, 2016 in Artforms, Shop 21 in Pelican Village at 5.30 pm. One of the topics on the agenda is “The creation of a home schooling system and the African Heritage Academy – the steps required”. The AHF invites any- and everyone interested in healing the sick, weak educational environment of Barbados to join us. While the educational arm or operational order of the AHF will include a core working committee of no more than 7 persons, there is no limit to the number of people who can join the general body. The duty of the core group is to direct the action and implementation of relevant, feasible suggestions for the education operational order with the support and guidance of the general body.

For more information on the African Heritage Foundation, please call or message via WhatsApp (246) 268 7084.

There is strength and security in the house where we are united.

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