Sex and the African Family Structure: 2016 and Beyond … The Youth Debate

Some members of the African Heritage Foundation are of the opinion that one area of reparations we as a family of Afrikan descended people need to have more serious discourse on is sex, and how it relates to our family structures today.

The Foundation was invited by Club Africa to make a presentation on itself and in that process expounded on projects that were presently being undertaken and those that were in mind but yet to be born. Club Africa is a youth group located at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, Jamaica. One such project that was introduced to Africa Club was one that involved creating a national discussion of sex, sexuality, family and the Global Afrikan founded on youth debates.

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Africa Club was invited to debate the idea of Polygamous and Polyandrous family structures  being acceptable and in some instances better than Monogamous one’s.


The Africa Club and the African Heritage Foundation
Sex and the African Family Structure: 2016 and Beyond
Problem Statement:
The current attitudes towards sex and sexuality by society treats the subject as fleeting, casual and trendy. This approach is further idolized and legitimized by social media and popular culture. Sex is marketed as trivial, meaningless and best had in unattached abundance. Human bodies and particularly Black feminine aesthetics (the traditional African body with large breasts and pronounced derriere) are measured in respect to sexiness, nakedness and the ability to attract and generate wide scale lust and sexual appeal. The impact severely affects Black families in particular and results in single parenthood, dysfunctional families, domestic abuse, amongst other conditions. These contribute to making the Black family one of the weakest in the human race.
Suggested Reference Material:
There needs to be a change in 2016 going forward on the way we think about our family structures and how we view sex. We should revisit sex, sexuality and ego as it pertains to our family structures.
1.       Debate will be divided into two teams of equal members who will argue for or against the moot.
2.       Teams will include a moderator that will note the most important points from each presenter which will constitute the final position of the team for or against.
3.       Teams will have 20 minutes to argue their points, 5 minutes of which should be allotted to conclusions.
4.       Teams will have a further 5 minutes each to respond to the opponents arguments. This should be done by a single team-mate, preferably the moderator.
5.       Judges will announce the winner within 10 minutes of receiving final arguments. The panel will consist of at least two independent.
6.       Criteria for judging will be based on Content, Evidence of Research and Logic. Participants are implored to offer unbiased and objective arguments as best as possible.
7.       An open discussion on the topic will be pursued following the debates.
To encourage critical thinking in the area of family empowerment and development, from an Afro-Centric perspective.
To test the viability of a larger project centered on sex and sexuality as it pertains to our current family structures, with the Africa Club being test subjects in this matter.
To gauge young adult perceptions of the need for a renewed and diverse sex education programme in schools and other social institutions.
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Opening Argument … Against.
Opening Argument …. For.
Second Argument …. Against
Second Argument ..For
 Debate continues …..
Closing arguments, judges decision and open discussion.
You are invited to share your feedback with us.
Please excuse the quality of video and sound. The African Heritage Foundation is seeking contributions of a good camera and voice recorder to assist us with documentation of our projects and programs.
Should you be willing and able to make a donation of this nature please contact us at

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