As part and parcel of our Black History Month recognition, we in Barbados celebrate the heritage, history and various cultures of pre colonial Afrika with different activities, the AHF would like to draw your attention to one special activity.

This activity is a panel discussion being hosted by the Pan African Coalition of Organizations (PACO). As the title of this panel discussion is Sex, Tradition, Empowerment: Healing the Afrikan Family.

Why are we asked to attend this discussion?

Healing the relationships of our Afrikan people! Our people are hurt and unwell due to broken family structures and this is having an effect on every other aspect of our lives. The knowledge and awareness of our culture and values in our societies were passed on from generation to generation. This has been broken through the advent of colonialism and slavery. Repairing that damage is where we are now as we work to regain that which was stolen from us. To do so we must recognise what a healthy family structure looks like. We also need to know the significance and importance of our black women and the role they play in our entire movement of liberation. Women have to take the lead in this, in many areas. Women are the creators of civilisation, the ones who pass our knowledge of who we are on. So where are we now? How do we move forward? Let us discuss this together, create and implement  solid plans to move us forward as one family.

Who will be on the Panel?

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Baba Tifase Howell ….. Baba  is a co founder of the Pan African Coalition of Organizations (PACO) which brings together the groups and organizations fighting towards the liberation and reparation of our Afrikan people. He does this through his extensive spiritual practice of the Yoruba, Orisa faith. Baba Tifase has been an avid purported of Afrikan wisdom,history and tradition. This knowledge sets the stage for enlightenment on traditional Afrikan families.

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Sis Dr. Sandra Richards ….. Dr Sandra Richards, Education Consulant, Author & Broadcaster. Dr Richards believes that we can enjoy more lasting relationships if we return to our true identities as African people. When you are in your true self, your authentic self, it’s undiluted. So when you are undiluted and as you are in your original state and as divine as you are supposed to be and the other person is in that place, then the connection is going to be far more significant.

She has strong views about brothers who are ditching their black sisters for Caucasian women and who complain that their black sisters are carrying too much emotional baggage: If someone is saying I don’t want to be with a reflection of myself because there is too much baggage, I’d much rather go with someone who is easier to access, what does that say about you?

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Al Layne …… Has a degree in Psychology and a degree in marriage and family therapy. He has done significant research on Hebrewism since 1992, a solid 22 years. He does family workshops every two years and trains teachers every year for the Sandy Lane ADHD teachers workshop. He is also guest lecturer at Erdiston College in the area of childhood learning disability and ADHD. He is also the director of the ADHD Resource Centre and committed to healing the Afrikan Family.


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Venue… Spirit Bond .. Wharf Rd, Bridgetown

Date: 10th February, 2016

Time: 7pm

Admin: $10

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Moderator, Sis Keturah Babb is of the Order of Nyahbinghi. She is passionate about the black race and women’s rights. Her personal philosophy is to shine the Empress Menen in each and every black woman. Keturah’s professional specialty is policy analysis. She is currently Treasurer of the RastafarI Sisters Council, Trustee of the Caribbean RastafarI Organisation, member of the RastafarI Reparations Repatriation Working Group, and the B’dos Reparations Task Force.

In honor of ancestor Dr Frances  Cress Welsing


To gear us up for this discussion on the topic of sex and the African Family you are asked to revisit an article published on this site almost a year ago that deals with the same subject matter. Get your questions ready so that we may partake in a robust, healthy and informative discussion.

Refreshments on sale.


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