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I can honestly say that I am not in any way surprised to read in an article published by the Barbados Today Online newspaper, that the LGBT community is asking Buju Banton to make a statement publicly distancing himself from his hit song Boom Bye Bye.

It was pleasing to me to see that the LGBT community recognized that Buju had already signed an agreement with other artist that prevented them from advocating violence against that grouping. I was also pleased to read that no actions to hinder the arrival of Buju in Barbados to perform at a concert next year are being planned by the LGBT community. Let it not be said of me that I don’t give jack his jacket. I respect greatly the advocacy that the LGBT community has continued to activate as they continue to solidify their space in Barbados and across the world.

Do not be surprised at these words I write, my mentor Marcus Garvey paid great respect to the ” white man”. He was of the opinion that the “white man” respected themselves and acted in a manner that reflected this. This Marcus said could be done by the “black man”. In fact he said if the “black man” was to lazy to do what other races have done, they could as well be dead.

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While I personally do not agree with the gay lifestyle for the simple reason I see it as anti-life in its essence, I do agree that it is unjust to persecute anyone based on their religious/spiritual beliefs, colour of skin, cultural heritage or sexual orientation/persuasions. I Rastafari, know all too well what it feels like to be discriminated against. I in essence am a slap in the face to what European (British) colonializers forced upon the enslaved Africans, and successive generations have accepted. For this I, Rastafari have paid a terrible price. Still I Rastafari advocate for the social acknowledgement and respect due to my African heritage, history and culture.

I am wondering why I am not able to read more about the objectifying of women and their reduction to “things” for sexual pleasure in their Soca music by groups that advocate for women’s equality and equity in the society. I would think feminist groupings would take issue with this but, the argument for the liberating of the woman’s body and such like may arise, so I am not sure how they would view this line of reasoning.

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Why am I not reading more often in the news about the fight by Rastafari for the use of cannabis within their spiritual/religious life? I think that if the LGBT community took an interest in the legalization of cannabis for recreational use, we would be seeing more substantial movements in that direction. However I do know that the fight pertaining to cannabis use for sacramental uses (meditation uses), medicinal use from cultural (not pharmaceutical) perspectives and recreational use has been and will continue to be a war against Babylon (system and those who uphold unjust law) that Rastafari brothers and sisters will continually wage. I for one am ready to make a stance and face the courts of law if need be, for my constitutional rights as it pertains to cannabis use, as I already do for homeschooling, on behalf of parents who wish to do so.

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The voice of our young people must be heard on the violence that plagues our society, the access to out of box experiences that will enable them to champion their and our future. Who will speak with and on behalf of the youth that this society is failing in a myriad of ways?

As we go through 2019, I hope to see more parent centered associations advocate for measures that will positively impact the Barbados’ educational system.

Pan-Africanist likewise must rise from their slumber and advocate for more African centered education in public schools, for actions of substance from the Commission for Pan African Affairs and better avenues for trade with the African continent. Advocate for African embassies here in Barbados and Barbadian embassies in African countries.

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I am sure we all are silent advocates for one thing or another. Thus we are all candidates for the posts of social reformers. Let us make a collective resolution as we prepare to journey through 2019 to be true to the voice of advocacy that rests within each of us. Let it out, let it be heard.

Acts of conscience will carve out a better tomorrow for us all, today.

Simba Simba.

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