St. Michael School youth start their contribution to Liberty Murals.

It started with a visit to Liberty House.

A couple weeks ago a friend of one of the members of the African Heritage Foundation (AHF) visited her while she was doing some work at Liberty House (LH). For those of you unfamiliar with the AHF,  the LH is its headquarter’s and command post so to speak. The friend, brought her daughter who she had just collected from school with her on the visit.

That particular evening another member of the AHF was at the LH working on a mural he is contributing to “Liberty Murals”. If you have not heard about ‘Liberty Murals” please click and read about it here ….. The daughter being a lover and student of art was fascinated by the work being done on the wall by this brother.


AHF Homeschooled children in LH

Seeing the child’s passion for art, she was shown another mural that was in progress. She was loving what she was seeing, her eyes were beaming with delight. As I was the person working on the mural she was now viewing, I asked if she would like to assist me with the mural. She almost fainted. Without hesitation she said yes. As we then started making plans to involve her in my mural ” Look For Me In A Whirlwind”, she said she had 3 other friends that were really good artist that would love to be involved. She would then name 3 of her friends and their artistic strengths. It was turning into a mural  coup d’é·tat, I had to think quickly, lol. The idea the slapped me full in the face, give them their own wall.

I then spoke to the mother who was inside breezing with her friend and told her about our plans ( the daughter and myself). I told her I would write a letter inviting the parents of the other 3 friends to attend a meeting at LH the following Saturday so that I could present the proposal to them. So said, so done. The parents loved the idea and the 4 Musketeers immediately started to conceptualize what they would paint. I sat with them and told them that the theme of “Liberty Murals” was ” I AM AFRIKAN”. We made a plan to meet the following Saturday to work on whatever concept they would return with. The following Saturday they came armed with sketches. We spent the evening playing with concepts, afro educational relevance, positions of imagery and settled with a plan of action. I can’t tell you the design just yet. You will see it as their progress is documented here.



That evening they chose a wall and made plans to return the following weekend which is this weekend to start letting paint fly. The AHF was then tasked to acquire the materials needed to start. The members of the AHF combined efforts to approach some hardware stores  for donations of paint and brushes to prime the wall that would act as a canvas for the 4 Musketeers.

To date one of the businesses who was asked for support has responded. The AHF is extremely pleased and grateful to C&I Hardware who donated primer and brushes the next day, enabling the children to blast off with their blessings. C&I Hardware Ltd is located in Holetown, St. James. You can call them at  432-1354 and support them as they support others.



 Homeschooler getting involved in the action


Painting has begun and the AHF is asking other businesses, government and individuals to make a contribution to this initiative. The Musketeers as I affectionately call them, hail from The St. Michael School and are in 4th form. I also attended school there many moons ago and find it very ….. (can’t find the word/s) that The St. Michael School would set forth the first artists outside of AHF members to work on “Liberty Murals”.


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The AHF has been inspired by the Musketters to invite other schools to participate in ” Liberty Murals’. As such we will need more paint, brushes and other materials both for the artists and AHF to fully present to the public, “Liberty Murals”.

Donations can be made through paypal for those wishing to support this initiative that reside off the island. Donations of money or other materials noted before can be delivered to Liberty House, located on Two Mile Hill, St. Michael.

You can contact the AHF at 264 – 4795 or email us at for answers to any questions you may have.

Thank you for your time and the AHF does hope you will find it in your heart to support this initiative.

African Heritage Foundation

Paul L Rock (Simba)

Founder and President of the AHF

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