Support The Cause, Because! A call for international cooperation.

The African Heritage Foundation (AHF), registered charity 1112, located on the island of Barbados invites you to support its initiatives by becoming a member for a period of six months.

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) have a crucial role in the development of any society. They are the people who work closest with those on the ground to effect tangible solutions for some of the problems that their societies face.

The first meeting of the AHF was held in February 2015. It was then, and is still the intention of its founder, that the charity be fashioned in the likeness of Marcus Garvey’s United Nergo Improvement Association (U.N.I.A). This organization would serve the people of Barbados as a grass roots government, addressing social ills and misgivings using various aspects of African culture and heritage as a foundation for its solutions. This does not restrict us from borrowing ideas from other cultures in seeking solutions to our problems.

Nine Operational Orders, arms of the AHF akin to ministries in a government were cited as areas of focus.

Education: In 2017 the AHF launched its homeschool service. This development of this service was influenced by a growing interest in homeschooling by Barbadians, due to a failing and now dangerous public school system and environment. Recently LOOP NEWS conducted a survey that asked parents if they would more consider homeschooling now due to the upsurge in violence in schools. 66%of people taking the survey said yes. The AHF is already has a number of parents signed up with its Home Directed learning Service (Homeschooling), and is expecting an increase in persons signing up for the service in the weeks to come. The charity has also done other work in various schools on the island.

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Agriculture: The AHF presently cultivates a small area of land in the countryside of the island. Its produce is organic and sold to facilitate expenses incurred in the managing of the charity. Members of the AHF that manage this business, have cited a special crop and it is centering its production on that. This idea will increase revenue from the farm. Revenue made from this increased production will assist offset the operational costs of the Home Directed Learning Service.

Business Development (Economics). Within the last 6 months the AHF has acquired a space that it is presently using as its headquarters. It is in the process of opening a store that sells authentic Kenyan jewelry and clothing, a thrift shop and a delivery styled restaurant. It is also engaging in talks that will facilitate trade of various items from Senegal and Ghana. On a side note, the AHF intends to send its first fact finding team to the African continent in 2019. The AHF businesses mentioned before accompany that of the farm in generate money for the charity. The AHF also assists other businesses with their development.



Event Planning. Events organized by the charity are also business ventures (fundraisers) that carry an educational component. A case in fact would be the screening of Mugabe: Villain or Hero at the University of the West Indies on the 22nd Event planning for the AHF can also have the component of activism. As civil society organizes itself to take the call for cannabis legalization to another level through education, the AHF will assist with the planning of events to facilitate education on the cannabis plant and its related industry globally.

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Health: In the backyard of the AHF’s HQ, a variety of medicinal plants are grown for use in teas. These herbs are dried, packaged and sold. Again here is another business of the AHF that supports the overall management of the organization.


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Marketing: The AHF has developed two websites where it promotes its own and other business. It has also created a decent following on social media and is now working on hosting a weekly radio program on one of the local stations that are directed to young people

Sports: This is an area that the AHF has not started to develop yet. It is intended as the AHF businesses develop, that it will be able to sponsor teams in several sporting disciplines. The AHF will work with community sports clubs in developing their respective sporting programs.

Security: Yet to be started. However when enacted will be structured to teach people, especially women and children basic methods of self-defense. It is thought by the AHF that this should be mandatory in every school.

Social Care: This is where we provide various means of support for persons in need. At present we seek to assist one of our homeschooled youth purchase a pair of glasses. The AHF is also seeking to assist another homeschooling parent raise the money needed to make application for her children’s citizenship in Barbados. As the AHF businesses develop it will lay out a comprehensive plan of action to assist people in need in its surrounding community and when possible further afield. The AHF holds to the creed of, the hungry must be fed, the naked clothed, the sick nourished, our elders cared for and our children protected.

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All members of the African Heritage Foundation follow the call of Marcus Garvey to contribute a dollar a day to the wellbeing of our nation. The AHF asks its members to contribute $15 BDS monthly to the financing of its initiatives as outlined before in the Operational Orders. In the U.K a member would pay 7 Pounds a month, and in the U.S.A $10. The slight extra included in international membership covers payments for money transfers. All supporting members will be given a Scotiabank account number that they can send their payments to. If that is not feasible for person wishing to become a supporting member of the AHF, other arrangements can be made.

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The AHF does not believe in being dependent on funding from international funding agencies. It is of the opinion that international cooperation between people who share a common goal and have similar visions of positive change for all people, is the solution in strengthening our grass roots communities economically, mentally, spiritually and physically.

Thus you are being asked to commit yourself to being a supporting member of the AHF for a period of 6months. Within this time you will be updated monthly by email on the developments of the various AHF initiatives.  Should you own a business, you are invited to advertise it on the AHF website free of cost.  Other benefits can be arranged in communications between yourself and the organization. A supporting member can reside anywhere in the world and has one duty, which is to make their monthly contribution for the 6 month period. However that person is invited to engage in discussions in area of development the AHF seeks to peruse.

The AHF is initially seeking to recruit 50 people for membership in the charities “Support The Cause, Because” initiative as outlined above. Membership dues paid by “Support The Cause, Because” supporters will directly employ two young persons who will work on the organic farm project. This in turn will increase production and that in turn, will help the charity pay young underemployed people to assist in the Home Directed Learning Service as tutors and administrators. Parents pay a minimal amount to access this service. This minimal service fee along with the other AHF business initiatives will help the Home Directed Learning Service sustain itself.  You can get more information on that service from its website

I do hope you have been sufficiently moved by these few words and the actions already being taken by this charity, to become a “Supporting Member”. If so please send us your information at  or whatsapp 1 246 268 7084.

The AHF thanks you in advance for your support.

Paul Simba Rock


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