The Birth of iCreate Concepts

    You could say a passion for fashion runs through my veins. My mother was a seamstress by profession and though she died when I was quite young many of her artistic traits have manifested themselves in me.

My love for fashion was honed in my mother’s workshop. From as early as eight I was making miniature-sized clothes for my dollies not on her old-time ‘Singer’ sewing machine which had one of those big pedals but with needle and thread. I fondly remember transforming that big ass pedal and wheel into my car when she wasn’t working.

  My love for crocheting developed from watching my eldest sister. She too has a streak of the creative gene and she showed me the basics of crocheting. In this time, crocheted chair-backs were popular and from watching my sister I developed techniques and the ability to read and create my own patterns.

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In my latter years at secondary school I began making extra money from the sale of tams and belts, mostly for persons I met on the bus or in the bus stand. I literally crocheted everywhere I went!

 Upon expecting the birth of my first child and with loads of time on my hands crocheting was all I did, besides eating. It was in this solace that I started to doodle with new concepts, patterns and mediums. My mind’s eye was now open to seeing crocheting as a viable niche fashion market.

 Now I am an older, more mature version of myself my works reflect this growth. Embracing my African heritage and my femininity, encompassing ma’at and my ajé.  More and more I am trying to put the things that I am learning into practical use within my designs striving to create pieces that embody uniqueness, pride and of course aesthetic beauty.

 One of my mentors and a leader in African fashion history is Merira Kwesi, and she says about fashion that “(it) is an area where we see visual imagery through symbolism” ,and through each piece I try to capture elements of our ancestry using fashion to communicate and tell the story of our melanated selves.

This year I embarked on entering the newly established Re-create Competition hosted by Fifth Element Designs’ fashionista Andrea King and the island’s independence celebration NIFCA visual arts and craft exhibition. With little under two months to conceptualize and prepare my pieces I set my creative nucleus into rotatory motion. The Re-create competition took me to the Barbados Fashion Week at the Hilton Hotel where I was one of the finalist in the competition. While, at NIFCA two of my judging pieces were awarded silver and bronze stars.

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 In five years I see iCreate venturing onto the international market especially with the growing information technology services. The world is constantly changing and venturing beyond this 166 square miles is paramount to iCreate not only as a brand but to explore what the world has to offer – culturally and economically.

 iCreate Concepts is truly a journey of life not just a brand. π∆↑√∞

Why purchase an iCreate piece you may ask? The simple answer is guaranteed satisfaction – uniquely fitted, quality service and of course aesthetic beauty.

 § Afrocentric, trending, detailed finish, uniquely conceptualized to the individual in us! Materials used in designs include but are not limited to: shells, beads, seeds, wool, cord, some recycled materials, leather and chains. I specialize in bringing concepts to fruition.

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