The Higher The Monkey Climbs

On the old plantations where White men brought Africans to slave, they assigned the task of punishing the slaves to a slave. This slave would carry out the will of his master on other slaves in an effort to keep them in line. This “Task Master”, as they were often called, would whip his fellow slaves brutally if his master so desired.

Today it would seem we have new “Task Masters”, who, just as in the days of old, punish their fellow African descended brothers and sisters on the order of the White elite. In the height of Black Lives Matter debates and resolutions as it pertains to racial discrimination, and the marginalization of African descended people in Barbados; we have a Black minister of government acting as an agent of a major car dealership, ready and willing to put the squeeze on small dealerships, because their (big dealership) sales are not what they would like them to be. Is he serious?

I was sent the following video recording which I am most certain, beautifully expresses the sentiment of many Barbadians as it pertains to the situation in question.

As I have written in previous articles, the lip service being paid to Black Lives Matter by this government is nothing short of offensive. Again I ask the question, “IN WHOSE INTEREST DOES THE GOVERNMENT WORK”?


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