The Mystic In The Motion.

Bob Marley sang a song that said, ” there’s a natural mystic blowing through the air, and if you listen carefully you will hear”.

In my early years of trodding Rastafari I was taught about the energy within people (myself), and how it could be manipulated when aligned with the energy of nature. I was introduced to the writings of Don Juan, Lobsang Rampa


The enduring fascination with Lobsang Rampa – David Michie


The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge: Castaneda ...


…… and  many other text that were written in the same vein. Some of these included the Kamasutra, early Alex Crowley writings, astrology books such as ‘ The Heavens Know What’, and secular books of the Bible including  The Egyptian Book of the Dead – a collection of spells which enable the soul of the deceased to navigate the afterlife. and many text on African spirituality and their manifestations.  It was during this period of my life that I learnt about what I now call “power days”. These are the days that surround a day of significance. One example of a “power time” is the December 25th window or what is the Winter Solstice.  The word ‘power’ here speaks to spiritual energy that can be used to connect with what is unseen, to attain favorable outcomes based on purpose filled reasons. The Jewish Torah and Christian Bible contain many stories of God appearing to human beings in various forms of energy. For example, when the innocent man, Job, questions why God has allowed him to suffer, God answers him “out of a whirlwind” (Job 38:1). When God calls Moses to lead the Jewish people out of slavery, God speaks to him through “flames of fire from within a bush” (Exodus 3:1-6). Fifty days after the death and resurrection of Jesus, the apostles were all in one place together. And suddenly there came from the sky a noise like a strong driving wind, and it filled the entire house in which they were. Then there appeared to them tongues as of fire, which parted and came to rest on each one of them. And they were all filled with the holy Spirit . . . (Acts 2:1-4)


The Torah | My Jewish Learning


Within Rastafari I was taught to recognize the power/ spiritual energy, surrounding the days of the birth of Haile Selassie on the 23rd July (today) and around his Coronation on November 2nd.


The Coronation of Emperor Haile Selassie & Empress Menen ...


It is very interesting that my Constitutional Motion that is charging the Attorney General with violations against my constitutional and human rights, has manifested its beginning’s within periods of time I consider to be ” power days”.

The Attorney General received his summons as it pertains to my case yesterday, which was the eve of Haile Selassie’s birth date. The Nyabinghi Order will be chanting in celebration of this  occasion for 5 nights, starting tonight. I was also informed yesterday by my lawyer that we were given a first court date of November 5th. As I said before, November 2nd is the date of Haile Selassie’s coronation and as such the 5th of that month is within the “power days”of that time and again Nyabinghi will be chanting.



For me these are all positive signs as I set off to free myself from a law that holds me captive as a criminal for my use of cannabis within my spiritual/meditative observances.

The African Heritage Foundation(AHF) who supports me in this matter will be conducting several activities that will be related to the rationale for this case, which is, my home is my private place of worship, and should be recognized and respected as such. The AHF has tasked itself with supportive advocacy on behalf of marginalized people within its capacity, and as such will be spearheading related activities that will be educationally based within the context of this case.


I Gine Tell - Our Afrikan Heritage Magazine


Should you want to know more about and assist the AHF with its advocacy plans as it relates to this matter please email us at or Whatsapp us at 260-4795.


The African Heritage Foundation (AHF) ... a year in review ...


Are those African war drums I hear beating in the distance? It is calling the warriors out to battle.


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