The Red Light and Rastafari Elders. Giving thanks.

On behalf of the African Heritage Foundation (AHF) and the Nyabinghi Order, I give much thanks to those of you who attended our reggae house lime last night.

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From all reports it was a glorious night, bringing back(forward) nostalgic feelings of yesteryear. I was reasoning to an elder sistren who I had not seen in a very long time about the session, she said it felt like the “first time” reggae dubs. I also sat and listened to two bredrin reason about how needed an activity like this was needed. I witnesses a police officer come in and purchase ital from the Nyabinghi.

Various things make the “Red Light” reggae house limes special.

  1. It is a house lime. Thus it is much more intimate than commercial entertainment venues. It is a different energy than what is offered for reggae enthusiast.
  2. It plays reggae music from the 1960’s right up to 2020. Music that is not readily heard in reggae parties or on the radio.
  3. It has an hour of reggae music called “Empresses”. This is an hour or so of reggae music sung by sisters from all over the word. It is played by a Rastawoman, and honours the female energy and contribution to reggae music. Image result for red light reggae house lime
  4. It does not serve alcohol, except for Natural Wines. No flesh/meat dishes are sold. This adds to the nostalgic feelings of session long ago when the coconut man and the fruit man provided all the liquid refreshment you wanted. Ital and fresh fruit juices are sold at this activity.
  5. It is an activity that supports numerous community empowerment based initiatives. One such activity is the AHF’s community homeschool program. The repair of one of the Nyabinghi tabernacle’s is also supported by your support for this activity.
  6. It is an activity that the entire family can partake in. Games such as Dominoes and Warri are played on the night. Others games are at the AHF for those who would like to engage in Chess, Boggle or Scrabble.

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For me what is most special about the “Red Light” is that it is enjoyed by the elders of Rastafari. In a time that has all but forgotten the original trodition and sacrifices of those early Rastafari brothers and sisters, respect and recognition for them is due. While all sorts of people commercialize and profit from the liberation wails of Rastafari, reggae music must start to benefit Rastafari elders and its community in a tangible manner.

As the “Red Light” reggae home limes grow, it is my profound wish that the AHF create a fund that will be for the assistance of Rastafari elders in need. It is also my profound wish that the AHF assist with the creation of a database of Rastafari elders in Barbados and the documentation of their stories.


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Please note that the AHF is not a Rastafari organization. However it is tasked with assisting all African centered entities in their development. Rastafari has been the more visible Pan – African movement that has kept African and Africans in the spotlight. It has also embraced African culture at a great expense to themselves. The wearing of locks that is so freely done by anyone now, was once something Rastafari people were persecuted for in the most dehumanizing manners to be found. The diet of no flesh/meat that was condemned by most when Rastafari people took this upon themselves, is now called healthy alternative lifestyles.

We do have a lot to give Rastafari thanks for, and this is but one small way we can show how much we are grateful for the sacrifices Rastafari elders have made for us.

That said, I do hope to see many more of you at the next Red Light, that will be on March 21st. In focus will be the music of the “Burning Spear”.

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