I start my article this evening by expressing my sincere condolences to the family and friends of Christoff Griffith and Glenroy James, two  men killed by a now known assailant in the heavily wooded grounds of Bishop’s Court.

Today I received the news that “Monies” was the homeless man allegedly responsible for the attacks and murder of these two men. While I was not overly surprised to hear the news, I was quite saddened. I had hoped that this young man would have escaped what I thought to be an inevitable end; his murder, or the murder of another at his hands.


Dark Hopelessness by Dom DS, art work | Art Limited


“Monies” visited the African Heritage Foundation some years back, and I was really pleased to see him all excited and happy in his new found passion ” carving”. I had not seen him in over two years. I knew the volatility of this young man and I thought that if we, the AHF, could help him sell his work it would fuel his passion and give him added hope in what seemed to be a dim future.  As such we displayed two of his pieces and I wrote an article on him, with his work in an effort to drum up some recognition and sales for him. Unfortunately no one bought the carvings and they remain at the AHF’s headquarters to this day.


A Hope Deferred For The Hopeless : The Front Porch


Tonight I sit and ask myself, if we were able to sell those two carvings, and  could have provided a comfortable workspace and tools for Monies, would three lives have been spared? As we engage in the discussion of BLACK LIVES MATTER we must ask ourselves this question, what are the nemesis’s of BLACK LIVES, and how do we address and remove them.

I have written on numerous occasions that I think that poverty and misguided education are two Frankenstein’s  that direct major misfortunes in BLACK LIVES. Please note that I am speaking within the context of this Barbadian society. As a member of the African Heritage Foundation, an organization tasked to assist and represent within its capacity the interest of marginalized African descended people who are drowning in the sea of invisibility; I am one in a family of people who are themselves financially weak, but who advocate boisterously for tangible social change. The kind of change that assists entities such as the African Heritage Family, so that they may in turn have the capacity to do more.


Social Invisibility: Can a Black Woman's “hoeness” be Deleted ...


The death of two men, the imprisonment of another, might have been saved if our society offered the saving grace of actually caring. We are all responsible for the uncaring society in which we live. How many of us actually support small charitable organizations or community groupings, and to what extent? How much do we give of ourselves, how much can we afford to give, or not to give? While we are at it, let us ask ourselves, how are we contributing to our own suffocation? What will be your cry, when it is your brother’s knee is on your neck?

Tracy Gifts got Invisibility? - Beanie Skull Cap with Fleece Liner ...


The call was made, not one responded.

Click here to read what I wrote about ‘Monies’ in March 2018, Again so sad it had to end like this.



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