UJIMA: The Sleepover. Supporting Youth Empowerment

The African Heritage Foundation’s home directed learning service, the “Barbados Alkebulan Academy for Social Empowerment (BAASE)”, shares with you, “Ujima: The Sleepover”.


“Ujima: The Sleepover”, is a project done by young Cairo Lavine who is enrolled in BAASE.



This end of term project had several underling categories of study. These were;

  1. Research
  2. Social Studies
  3. African Centered History
  4. Creative Writing
  5. Art
  6. Personal and Economic Empowerment with a view to Business Development

Cairo was tasked with researching information on Kwanzaa. He was to then take written notes on Kwanzaa principles, symbols and its history. He then sat with his tutor and explained what he had learned about Kwanzaa, and how it could be applied to his daily life. The next step in Cairo’s  project was for him to write a story using one Kwanzaa principal and a couple of its symbols.


Cairo writing his story.


Finally he was tasked with illustrating his story, using line (uncoloured) drawings. At the end of his project, Cairo would have created his first colouring story book, presented online as downloadable, printable pages. These pages are suitable for children aged 5years old and up,


Cairo assisting younger homeschoolers with their art.

It goes without saying that Cairo was very proud to see what his completed project looked like.

Having his work shared in the public domain is very exciting and empowering for Cairo who has learning challenges. When it comes to how this project can be translated into economic empowerment and inspiration for business development, you the reader of this article will play a vital role.

BAASE is asking you to support young Cairo by making a donation to “Ujima: The Sleepover”. 60% of donations collected from this initiative will be given to Cairo.  This in itself shows him how he at his young age of 13, can use his art talent to earn him some money. A project such as this that if well supported has the ability to encourage and inspire developing an early business approach to his art, while having fun with it.

Cairo’s parents visited BAASE two years ago seeking information on homeschooling. Their son had learning challenges and was finding it difficult to keep up with his class at school. He was getting ready to sit the 11plus examine when his parents visited BAASE. BAASE assisted them in making a successful application to the Ministry of Education for permission to homeschool their son. However they opted to let Cairo take the exam. He passed for one of the lower ranked secondary schools, but based on the learning challenges he has, this was quite an accomplishment for him. After a year in the school he had passed for, his parents decided that they wanted to test the homeschool waters, and brought him to BAASE.

The BAASE allows Cairo to learn comfortably at his own pace in a very relaxing environment. He is allowed a lot of time to focus on his art. Cairo is doing well in his academic lessons and as you see, is having the time of his life with his art.


Cairo at lunch engaging in a game of Chest.

There you have it! Now that you know, please make every effort to make a donation to this initiative.

Donations can be sent to paypal account http://paypal.me/debearded1 Cheques can be made out to The African Heritage Foundation, delivered or mailed to The African Heritage Foundation, Upper Two Mile Hill, St. Michael. Wire transfers such as Western Union or Moneygram can be sent to Paul Rock of the same address.

For more information on BAASE or donating to “Ujima: The Sleepover”, please call or whatsapp 1 246 260 4795 or email info@afrikanheritage.com

Click link below for downloadable story pages.

Cairo’s.Stories -Ujima-The.Sleepover-BAASE-25-12-2020

On behalf of BAASE and Cairo, we thank you for your support.

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