We all have a dream. What is yours?

Yesterday we honored the legacy of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his dream of justice and equality in America, and I would add, globally. Over 50 years ago Dr. King inspired a generation to come together to stand for freedom in the face of segregation and discrimination. Today we celebrate that spirit because every generation inherits its own injustices and Dr. King is a reminder that each of us can make a difference for the communities and causes we care about most.

“…each of us can make a difference for the communities and causes we care about most.”

Democracy is not a spectator sport and now more than ever our communities need your help. At the African Heritage Foundation (AHF) we create and support initiatives that seek to assist people that have been, and continue to be systematically marginalized, in their fight for justice and empowerment. Last year the AHF commenced its endeavor to assist with the evolution of education in Barbados by opening a homeschooling service. While the AHF manages a small organic farm project and several startup businesses, that facilitate the funding needed for its smaller projects, at present education is its main focus. The AHF has very recently, made a formal request to the Ministry of Education to meet with it to discuss the possibilities of formulating an official working relationship between itself as a NGO, and that particular ministry.

If you have come to believe that angry posts on social media are the only way to make a difference I’m pleased to let you know there is a better way to make a substantive contribution to the development of the society. Whether you are interested in freedom, the arts, education, entrepreneurship, inequality, technology or yoga the AHF is an organization where you can put your time and talent to good use. In fact, it is an organization that will help you use your particular skills to assist with revolutionary positive change in the society.

As we have learned over the past year democracy is a fragile thing and our communities are struggling to survive the struggles of political division amplified by the media. LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman — an emerging investor in innovation for social and civic engagement – has noted that “as a society, we should be doing everything we can to build powerful, easy-to-use civic spaces.”

“…as a society, we should be doing everything we can to build powerful, easy-to-use civic spaces.”

— Reid Hoffman

The AHF agrees and as Mark Zuckerberg works to fix Facebook, and the political establishment “works to fix” our society, we hope that everyone will be reminded that there is nothing more fundamental to a healthy democracy than the active engagement of its citizens.

The problem with democracy in the digital age is not technology — it’s money — and the fact that what is good for business, is not always good for society. And while that conflict has become increasingly obvious to all of us following the news, the solution is not our government as the political parties are currently too divided and overwhelmed to even discuss it thoughtfully. This means that for the time being the future of the positive development and empowerment of our society, our nation, falls to the goodwill of private interests, the power of philanthropy to level the playing field…and you.

So in the spirit of Dr. King we invite you to join the African Heritage Foundation, and remember what you believe in and reconnect with the civic life of your community.

“We create our community. And we create it by being active participants in our community.” 

If you are interested in joining the AHF or finding out more about it, call ot whatsapp us at 1 246 262 0068 or send us an email at info@afrikanheritage.com. You can also go to the homepage on this website and click on the AHF logo for more information on the charity.


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