What a surprise! A Bajan leading the way in the marijuana industry

I recently read an article that thrilled me for a number of reasons. The article related to a venture into the marijuana business by Barbados’s very own Rihanna. Before I get into my thoughts on this article and why it has brought me such joy. I will let you read the article.

” Rihanna’s very own branded marijuana line, MaRihanna, will be going on sale in Colorado the first quarter of 2016.

The line includes many different types of marijuana flower, including flavors like Karibbean Kush, Haitian Haze and Jamaican High Grade, as well as edibles and concentrates.

“MaRihanna by Rihanna is truly the first mainstream cannabis brand in the world and proud to be a pioneer,” Rihanna said, while speaking at the Cannabis Cup in Negril, Jamaica. “Marihanna is blazing a trail for the industry.”

Rihanna is no stranger to marijuana but she is new to the marijuana business. A longtime weed smoker, Rihanna has never been ashamed to let the world know how much she love the herb, especially the Jamaican ganja.

MaRihanna will be available in Alaska, Oregon, Washington and Colorado pretty soon, and to the rest of the world as marijuana laws get more relaxed.”

I will be the first to admit I am not a fan of an sort of RiRi but we must give credit where credit is due. I am now and have always been of the opinion that regardless of what my personal feelings on our bright and shinning star are, is that she has an outstanding set of minds working in her management corner. Kudos to that team.

riri 3

Now my reasons for being elated ……

  1. Rihanna is an ambassador for this tiny island of sorts. Barbados loves her and the recognition for the island she creates. An island whose government has fought against the legalization of this plant from that time until now, and may very well be one of the last to decriminalize it it. Use of marijuana is a criminal offence in Bim. Even as the world relaxes its hold on the good herb it is still still demonized with abject disdain here in Barbados. It is therefore interesting to see that the biggest name coming out of Barbados, who is recognized on a global stage has taken this stance and made this move. I smiled even more when it said she was a long time smoker.  So by our laws here in Bim, RiRi would be classified a criminal. Let us not forget today as I write this somewhere on the island someone is being harassed or arrested by the law for Marijuana. Let us not forget hat the jail cramp with people doing time for this same marijuana and the courts getting fat from big fines for minute portions of the herb. But this criminal RiRi has international acclaim so I guess that makes all the difference. O0ps Bim your panties showing and they looking rather dirty.
  2. I again smiled as I talked to the God in me and we conversed about how unready our people are to take full advantage of this opportunity to grow economically, socially, spiritually or even health wise. I am only hoping that the people behind the business of RiRi are black. Not only that they are black but would help us through this daughter of this island to establish a marijuana industry here in her hometown. Right now she is the biggest platform we have in getting this legalization thing moving before it is to late.
  3. I am thinking what would happen if she was to state a case that due to our persistent sun and rich soil Barbados produces one of the better strains of Marijuana naturlly and would like to set up a farm or farms here to supply her business with the material of herb? What do you feel Barbados would say?

For most of us the legalization of the weed means no police brutality and the chance to enjoy a lil smoke without being made into a criminal for it. The bigger business of this industry still is far from our meditations and we who have suffered the most from this unjust law will again be left in the dust to build our economics around something else illegal. I would wager that when the call comes that Marijuana will be made legal, the man will be prepared with factory and production mode in place. Of course as always we will get jobs doing the work and maybe even eek out a half decent living from that, but really and honestly that would be the scraps from the massas table.  Oh how we love those scraps. We are famous for turning scarps into a delicious meal and that is what we love. Me personally I don’t want scraps for my people, I am not even interested in having my people eat at their table. For me right here and now I would like to see us build our own table and set it as we wish.

Do not think for a moment that the fight to control our resources in Africa is not real. Further do not be mislead into thinking the fight to control our resources in the diaspora is not real.

Anyway RiRi I am so proud of you and your team so much so I may even consider going to your concert if you ever keep one here again. Tourism could get a big kick from this Barbados. Get her products here on the market. Don’t matter the plant illegal here all now, everyone done see how you operate in the highest hypocritical order, so let that not be even a consideration. Open a marijuana store here with everything except the ganja lol tourist would love that.

Smoke on RiRi …..

riri 2

Please note that I am not 100% certain that the info shared in the article on opening her own brand of Marijuana is true as other sources say she has denied this. What we do know for fact is that RiRi is a strong advocate for the legalization of Marijuauna and a smokerrrrrrrrr.


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