While they beg for liberation, oppression runs free.

“Keep on the positive lyrics but stay way from the drugs. That was the advice of Bridgetown Magistrate Douglas Frederick to a 22-year-old musician after he pleaded guilty to having cannabis in his position.” Barbados Today.

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I know this young man. He is one of the more positive, respectful and loving Rastafari youth in our community. I also know his father, a true Rastaman if I have ever seen one. When I heard the news of his arrest for a little ganja herb I was incensed. Not so much because of the actions taken by the police who were just doing their assigned task, but by the stagnant and non protectiveness  of Rastafari in Barbados to organize a ganja liberation initiative.

It seems the organization that has professed to be working in the interest of the Rastafari community is doing little more than talking while they put their hopes for Ganja liberation in the Mottley administration’s love and respect for Rastafari as printed in their election manifesto.


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It would seem that some Rastas think the Mottley red is the same red in our ites, gold and green. It is not!

I wrote this a week or so ago but never really promoted it. I feel the need to do so now. Please click the clink and read. If you think I am making sense please share. http://www.afrikanheritage.com/cannabis-politics-undermining-cannabis-justice/

So while they beg for liberation, oppression runs free.

The burden of responsibility for the liberation of Ganja does not rest squarely on the shoulders of Rastafari. All persons who know that the continued persecution of anyone for small amounts of cannabis, is tantamount to human rights violations,  need to speak up, organize, centralize and act to free themselves from this national ganja prison we reside in.

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