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In Haiti, there is a plant called fey lougawou (Kalanchoe pinnata), which is celebrated for its curing capabilities.  This plant is known as Miracle Leaf, Life Plant and Wonder of the World in English. This succulent plant is native to Madagascar, but has become naturalized in Asia the Pacific and all over the Caribbean, especially in Haiti.

In Haiti, fey lougawou is known for treating everything! Let’s move past the fact that lougawou means “monster” in Creole since I have no idea how that happened… This plant is most popular for treating headaches, sinuses, colds, and most of all hypertension (high blood pressure)!  Seeing as this plant has the ability replicate by itself, fey lougawou is readily available in Haiti. Fey lougawou is most commonly consumed as a leaf infusion or tea, but it can also be applied topically to cure muscle aches! In Haiti, some combine the crushed leaves with lard to form a paste, that can supposedly cure different types of body aches.

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Some Benefits:

  • anti-bacterial, anti-rheumatic, anti-hypertensive
  • used to treat upper respiratory infections
  • can cure a variety of body aches
  • According to Ayurveda, it can cure hemorrhoids, wounds cuts, ulcers, etc.

Some Uses:

  • most known for reducing high blood pressure
  • to eliminate cataracts and styes, boil some of the leaves in water and squeeze the juice in affected areas
  • to eliminate headaches and body aches, heat leaves and place on forehead
  • for a relaxing foot soak, place a few leaves in a basin filled with hot water, adding essential oils for an extra oomph!

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