WXYZ-TV Channel 7 takes COVID-19 self inflicted shot to foot.

From time to time I take a stroll through my social media platforms to see if I see anything interesting. In doing so this morning, I saw a post that spoke of a news station that had asked people to share their stories about loved ones that passed (died) due to not taking the COVID-19 Vaccine.

I am sure this move on the part of the media house was to encourage/scare people into taking “JAB”.

What happened next was not expected, and it will have the totally opposite effect on the psyches of many reading the stations COVID-19 Vaccination promotion.


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I am going to simply share with you the post from the news station, and 15 of the comments it drew. The post was done of September 10th 2021. WXYZ-TV Channel 7 was the media outlet sharing this post, ”  After the vaccines were available to everyone, did you lose an unvaccinated loved one to COVID-19? If you’re willing to share your family’s story, please DM us your contact information. We may reach out for a story we’re working on.”


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15 of the over 3000 comments that followed:

  1. Tracy Lynn
    I just lost my step dad last week 2 1/2 months after his 2nd dose of the Moderna vaccine. He was fine before he got the vaccine but all the sudden had a mild heart attack and was put on a ventilator and passed 18 hours after being admitted. He did NOT have Covid. So we are waiting to see what is on his death certificate and if it says Covid I will fight the hospital any way I can because we all know the hospital gets a financial kick back for covid patients on a vent.
    How about you report on the needless deaths for financial gain in this country due to cocid kickbacks in hospitals or the link between the vaccine and women having a miscarriage, or the thousands of adverse reactions to the vaccine that are making normal healthy people sick and unable to work?
    Stand up and report on what is actually happening and quit being a spineless source of misinformation for political reasons.
  2. Dayla Shantelle Martin-Hernandez
    If there is any hope in the 🌎 WXYZ-TV channel 7. Do a honest truth news report on this so people can be informed. That is what the news is all about. Maybe it’s to late, maybe the risk of your station being shut down is to great. Who knows, but someone has got to share the story, and someone is going to make history. Maybe even just being unbiased. Reporting what your hearing but not taking a side. This is fascinating stuff. So many different perspectives and stuff is happening.
  3. Tim Parrish
    My grandmother passed after being fully vaccinated. After having it began developing what she call a tingling sensation in her legs. Blood flow eventually stopped going to her feet. Had a bypass which brought blood flow back to her feet but pain in legs continued to get worse. She suffered for about 4 months after receiving the vaccine before finally passing in July.
    I as well do not know anyone who passed for covid that was unvaxed. I myself have had it and recovered.
    Media are cowards and won’t report the real story going on and the scary part is how many people are eating it up. Shameful!
  4. Liz Coleman Nicholson
    My friends godson received 2 shots to attend college. Severe chest pain and heart racing. Admitted to ER, diagnosed with myocarditis. He now cannot do his internships. He is on several meds and can no longer exert himself. Was a healthy 20 year old young man before both shots.
  5. Laura Teolis Lester
    I know no one who died of Covid,but I know 3 people who died after their second shot. 2 heart attacks and a stroke. I also know 2 people who are permanently damaged after their shot and both regret taking it. How about doing a story on those people??
  6. Amber Gabriel
    Family member is a church pastor. He has had to console 5 PREGNANT church members. ALL 5 miscarried at different stages of their pregnancy, after getting the Jab. One, being stillborn, the others mid and late pregnancy. ALL 5.
  7. Lisa Donovan
    I have 5 clients who have experienced different things, one a stroke, one passes out and has high anxiety, one severe swelling of leg, no one has passed away, but have a friend who’s 33 yr old daughter died after second shot
  8. Sandra Clements Allen Chester
    I received my husband’s death certificate last week and one of the diagnoses was Covid pneumonia! He was in a local hospital here in Panama City and hospice for a few days and Covid was never mentioned!!! I’m furious and will be fighting this as soon as I can find the correct channels! Are doctors getting kickbacks also for Covid diagnosis??? 😡
  9. Sheila Wheeler
    Where do I begin?! I was talked into the first vaccination which I now regret. I had a TIA and landed in the hospital. Had been having numbing in my lips and swelling of my tongue and advanced into the TIA a few days afterwards. Since then I have had neurological episodes of severe nerve pain in my face, ear and head. During this time I had a red, bumpy rash on the left side of my cheek which I still have months later. I also got Covid during all this. It has been a nightmare and I will not be vaccinated again. The first and only jab caused more issues than I signed up for !!
  10. Carolyn Beth
    Only people I know who were hospitalized or had severe disability were vaccinated vacinated. My best friend has half her diaphragm paralyzed and extreme pain in her left side and arm. Another one of my friends husband ended up hospitalized and needing oxygen for a week ,touch and go. Another friends husband very critical ,vented, bipap and finally now on nasal canala 6L to keep stats above 90%. All 3 had been vaccinated and all 3 age between 55-65. Also note that people hospitalized are only considered vaccinated if they received both shots. You can have one and end up sick and hospitalized yet counted as unvaccinated. Another way to skew the numbers.
    I work Frontline in a hospital and I have treated more vaccinated with covid then unvaccinated.
  11. Teresa Whitten
    I had a first cousin to die after being vaccinated. I had another first cousin to die from Covid and was vaccinated
  12. Jacqueline Mattiuzzi
    Latest my former boss 10 days after 2nd dose suffered suspected Stroke … Last Thursday night coffee with Bestie she updated her CPR on Wednesday & someone from class just lost her friend within 5 hours of 1st shot … Thursday morning work colleague on phone distraught her grandparents healthy decided to vaccinate same time double jabbed now Dying in hospital SAME TIME 🧐 with water on their lungs … 3 weeks ago GC aged care worker Worried about losing her job did not want the vaccine first jab dead in five hours.
  13. My brother-in-law was vaccinated and 2 months later was diagnosed with lymph node cancer and received 1 chemotherapy treatment then got Covid and it scared his lungs he was in hospital for 1 1/2 months ICU. He got double pneumonia and then his one lung collapsed and after that one the other one collapsed. He was a healthy golfer before he was vaccinated. He just got so sick for the 4 months after. He recently died. I know it was the vaccine that did it.
  14.  Fifi Maddison
    My neighbour, a very fit and healthy man, had a major heart attack after having both jabs. Luckily they managed to revive him thru CPR. He was told it happened because of a clot. His lungs filled with fluid, twice, afterwards and he felt like he was drowning. He has had to have both a stent and pacemaker fitted, cannot walk far without getting breathless, and now suffers PTSD from it all. When will this life changing nonsense stop?!
  15.   Ann Maulbeck
    My dad didn’t die but 2 weeks after 2 nd jab he woke up all confused and couldn’t speak right .ER said it was a UTI but now 6 months later and still all the confusion .Cat scan said no stroke .Then he tested positive and was put in isolation which confused him more ,I believe this so called vaccine took the remaining years of my father’s life away .

Barbadians have been warned to stay away from the false narratives that are often to be found on any social media platform by the Prime Minister of Barbados. However, when a credible news station receives thousands of testimonials related to a question it posed, for the purposed of a media survey, it is impossible for us not to pay attention to the results. Whatever choice we make as it pertains to the taking, or not taking of the COVID-19 Vaccine will depend on the information we receive, and believe.  It is said, ” If you are surrounded by a million Chinese people, then you must be in China”. Good old common sense will not allow us to turn a blind eye to the possibility that there is something more going on than meets the eye, or what PM Mia Mottley and friends are telling us, as it pertains to COVID-19 and its Vaccines.


Prime Minister Describes Report As Timely & Excellent | GIS

                                                             Prime Minister Hon. Mia Amor Mottley

I am pro-choice. I am of the opinion that all adults can choose what is best suited for them, and live with the consequences. Unfortunately chosen actions can negatively impact on others, and those consequences have to be lived with.


Simba Akoma


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