Your Beauty Standards Are Defined By You

To hell with perfection!  To hell with whatever society’s image of “beauty” is and embrace what you’ve got.

Gone are the days of my box gap, flat tummy and toned tush.

Gone are the nights when I would binge eat anything I could get my hands on, only to end up hunched over the toilet trying to make myself vomit up the entire pizza I consumed (while running the shower to help drown out the sound of my gagging and wash away my tears of self hate).

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I had one of those bodies that girls starved themselves for – and I couldn’t even see it.

Then when I went overseas, something clicked.

I started to notice that people I met outside of Australia didn’t think it was cool that my collar bones protruded from my chest. They did, however, think it was cool that I was traveling the world by myself at 18 years old.

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It’s All About Perspective

Lilli Hill

While traveling I learned that beauty ideals differ from country to country. For example:

In Tonga people love big women; the more of the woman the better.

In Tahiti, body hair and natural, puffy nipples are desired.

In Ethiopia it is admired if the body of a woman is marked with artistic scares.

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In France, underarm hair is considered sexy. (well, not just in France).

In Northern Thailand, long necks are admired.

So instead of counting calories, I’ve started to count experiences, the places I’ve visited and the inspiring people I’ve met.

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I’ve developed a womanly figure and have fallen in love with my curvy hips (that will one day bear my children), my voluptuous bosoms (that hold those in need), my belly (that wobbles when I laugh from deep within).

I have a newfound adoration for my soft, inner thighs that hug one another when I walk and cushion my lover’s hips.

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To hell with perfection. To hell with whatever society’s image of “beauty” is and embrace what you’ve got.

Be grateful for your health, not your bikini bridge.

Find people who love you for all your wiggly, out-of-proportion, bits.

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by Grace Burns

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